People of ProfTech: Daniel Veras

Meet Daniel Veras

There are many faces behind the orders and faxes you send in that you may not be familiar with. In our People of ProfTech series, we will highlight some of the people in customer facing roles and those behind the scenes. We would like to introduce you to Daniel Veras, a long-time member of the ProfTech team. Here is more information about Daniel’s daily duties at ProfTech and what he enjoys outside of work.

31 Years at ProfTech

Daniel Veras at Work

Daniel has been working at ProfTech for 31 years, and is currently a purchasing agent. Daniel ensures that ProfTech gets the best prices on all of the items that are purchased. In addition, Daniel ensures that all deliveries have been properly billed and works to improve the flow of all the orders from the previous day. His favorite part of the job is being able to talk with people from around the country.

Daniel started working at ProfTech during his high school years. He started in the warehouse and primarily worked on picking and packaging orders. He has risen far in the ranks since those days and is now considered to be an integral part of the company. Daniel is thankful that ProfTech gave him a chance to move up the corporate ladder and grow professionally.

Daniel’s Life Outside the Office

Daniel with his Family

Daniel lived in the Dominican Republic until the age of twelve, when his family moved to the Tri-State area. He had to quickly learn the English language when he moved, and he is bilingual as a result. Daniel attended The College of Westchester, where he received an associate’s degree in networking.

Currently, Daniel lives with his wife, son and daughter, and he enjoys taking them on vacation when possible. He loves to watch Spanish telenovelas, and enjoys watching the Harry Potter movies. Daniel is a big fan of sports, and also enjoys listening to all kinds of music.

As a minority-owned business, we are our proud of our heritage. It’s an honor to have Daniel on the team!  

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