Coffee Services for Manufacturing

Coffee Services for Manufacturing

Day in, day out — your employees are working hard. They need breaks, as well as something to help them stay focused.  

Investing in a coffee service is an affordable way to boost morale and keep employees operating at their best.  

Staying alert can reduce the risk of accidents and manufacturing mistakes. Plus, encouraging employees to spend time in the breakroom can bring a sense of community and increase collaboration among staff. 

The Right Coffee Service For Manufacturing 

You don’t want just any coffee products; you want ones that fit the needs of your industry, business and employees. Keurig provides large batch and single cup options for manufacturing facilities that fit any budget. 

Choose from:

  • Single cup brewers & cups that are simple and reduce waste (no leftover coffee that gets dumped after sitting idly for hours)  
  • Large batch coffee brewers and whole beans for cafeterias or large meetings

Whatever your needs, ProfTech’s automated coffee service will make sure that your manufacturing facility has access to coffee anytime you need it.

From healthcare to manufacturing (and every industry in between), ProfTech’s Keurig coffee services will keep your employees happy, caffeinated and the business running smoothly.

A Keurig single coffee cup maker, Bunn Coffee Machine, and Peet's Coffee beans

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