Connectrac Floor-Mounted Wireway Systems: Discreet Installation by Proftech

Connectrac Floor-Mounted Wireway Systems: Discreet Installation by Proftech

Connectrac: Floor-Mounted Wireway Systems

Connectrac is an Award Winning floor mounted series of wireway systems that allow for power and data cabling to be delivered anywhere without the need for core drilling, trenching or power poles. Ultra-low profile, the design of Connectrac is discreet enough to avoid any detection or unsightly exposed wires. There are three versions of the system, which can be chosen based on the needs of the space. Available with 2 or 4 electrical outlets, multiple connectivity cables can be accommodated for any of these wire systems. Installing wires into the floor can seem like a leviathan of an undertaking, especially in an already established and furnished office. Fortunately, ProfTech has the trained and skilled professionals for installing of any of the three system options to minimize the time taken and disturbance caused during the process. Typically, installations performed by our team take less than 20 minutes per foot, and the results are impressively sleek and subtle.

Under-Carpet Wireways

Under-carpet wireways are the most discreet of all three options. They provide a solution that accommodates power cable management to any space so long as it has carpet tiling, making it ideal for conference rooms, lounges, and other areas of collaboration and presentation. The wire system remains perfectly hidden, so presentations and other technology incorporated into the room seem to run as if wirelessly or even by magic. Those present in the room will walk over the smooth carpet-tiling surface, unaware that an entire network of wires lies below their feet.

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In Carpet Wireways

Stay low profile with the In-Carpet wireway system. Supplying power and connectivity, this version integrates seamlessly with the carpet. Wires are easily accessed through the removable top cap that compliments any room design. This particular system comes in two models: 2.7 and 3.7. The former is our standard In-Carpet wireway, while the 3.7 provides the maximum capability to power applications and appliances that require a greater amount of power without sacrificing the In-Carpet’s discreet aesthetic.

Connectrac Saves 50% or More Over Core Drilling & Trenching

On-Floor Wireways

Don’t have or want carpet? The On-Floor Wireway is Connectrac’s smallest architectural solution that installs on top of any flooring to supply power and connectivity where needed. Like the In-Carpet system, the On-Floor has two versions as well, with the 2.7 being standard and the 3.7 accommodating devices that use greater amounts of power, such as workstations.

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