Top 10 Antimicrobial Products To Use When Returning To The Office

Top 10 Antimicrobial Products To Use When Returning To The Office

Antimicrobial Office Supplies: Everyday Protection From Infection

You’re taking extra sanitary precautions to ensure that your workplace safe and protected against the flu. But did you know that there’s a simple solution that can help? Best of all it’s as easy as letting your staff go about their work routines as normal.

The solution is antimicrobial office supplies.

Making sure that your employees thoroughly wash their hands with antimicrobial soap is extremely important to kill germs, but these treated office products pick up where the soap leaves off. Antimicrobial coating cannot be felt and gives off no scent. Still, it’s powerful enough to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration.

These are the top 10 antimicrobial products every office should have:

1. Premium Antimicrobial Stand- Up Stapler

Item Number: BOSB326BLK

Why We Love It: Staplers are iconic among office supplies because they’re used so often. This also means that many people touch them each day. When you choose this stapler with antimicrobial coating and ergonomic design, you can work comfortably and safely. So go ahead and let your coworkers borrow your stapler—after all, this one’s got your back.

Product Details:

  • Antimicrobial coating
  • No-Jam™ technology
  • Ergonomic
  • Stands vertically or horizontally for easy use
  • 210 staples capacity
Premium Antimicrobial Stand- Up Stapler, Black
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2. Ergonomic Antimicrobial Keyboard

Item Number: FEL98915

Why We Love It: Not only is this keyboard ergonomic, giving you improved comfort and reducing the chances of carpal tunnel, but it’s also antimicrobial. This means you can type away all day with worrying about bacteria build up.

Product Details:

  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Ergonomic: conforms to natural arm & hand positions
  • 16-character buffer for fast typists
  • Seven additional hot keys for multimedia control
  • One touch Internet access
Close up of antimicrobial ergonomic keyboard.
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3. Antimicrobial Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest

Item Number: MMMWR209MB

Why We Love It: What’s better than being protected from bacteria and germs? When you’re comfortable, too! This wrist rest gives you the perfect cushion while typing for hours each day. At the same time, it prevents the growth of bacteria no matter what you’ve touched before using it.

Product Details:

  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Fabric covering
  • No-slip bottom.
  • Foam-filled for comfort
  • Encourages neutral wrist posture
Antimicrobial foam keyboard wrist rest in black shown with a keyboard
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4. Antimicrobial Foam Mouse Pad Wrist Rest

Item Number: MMMMW209MB

Why We Love It: If you prefer to go ergonomic at your workstation, then this wrist rest is for you! We love it because this foam wrist rest adds to both ergonomic comfort to your daily work and protects you from harmful bacteria and germs.

Product Details:

  • Lightweight &comfortable.
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Fabric covering
  • Nonskid bottom
  • Encourages neutral wrist posture
Black antimicrobial foam mouse pad wrist rest shown with a silver computer mouse
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5. Clear Antimicrobial Desk Pad

Item Number: AOP6070MS

Why We Love It: If there’s one thing you’re constantly touching at work, it’s your desk. With an antimicrobial desk pad, you can protect your desk surface and other office supplies. Plus, it’s transparent, which means that you can easily put pictures, reminders, checklists, and other information under it for safe and constant accessibility.

Product Details:

  • See-through design allows you to keep important information in view
  • Flexible vinyl
  • Cushioned surface for best note taking
  • Nonslip grip keeps desk pad in place
An antimicrobial desk pad with a wireless keyboard on top of it and a graph underneath
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6. Antimicrobial Ballpoint Counter Pen

Item Number: MMF28904

Why We Love It: Receptionists come face to face with several different people each day. When guests and visitors have to sign in, their bare hands can contaminate the pens and other surfaces. Not with this pen! You’re receptionist or office administrator can work knowing they are less likely to contract illness.

Product Details:

  • Rubberized grip and ridges.
  • Replacement pen snaps on quickly and easily.
  • Antimicrobial protection prevents the growth of bacteria & fungus on the pen.
A close up of the antimicrobial, chained pen.
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7. Top Tab File Folders with Antimicrobial Product Protection

Item Number: SMD10338

Why We Love It: The only thing better than functional office supplies that protects you from microorganisms is when that office supplies is ethically made. These file folders cover all the bases, reducing the spread of illness and caring for the environment all while helping you stay organized.

Product Details:

  • Made with antimicrobial paper
  • Acid free paper
  • Scored for 3/4″ expansion
  • Made using wood sourced from a certified managed forest.
3 Top Tab File Folders with Antimicrobial Product Protection
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8. 1100- 3A Antimicrobial Compact Desktop Calculator

Item Number: VCT11003A

Why We Love It: From the accounting team to the sales department, calculators are essential in an office. However, when they’re constantly being touched, they become a breeding ground for bacteria. Not so with this calculator! Antimicrobial protection prevents the growth of bacteria. Better still, this one is made of 50% recycled plastic making it a green choice.

Product Details:

  • Large 10-digit angled LCD display
  • Antimicrobial
  • Automatic Tax Keys
  • 50% Recycled Plastic
  • Operates on hybrid power (solar/battery backup)
The Victor antimicrobial calculator in silver and black
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9. Scissors with Antimicrobial Protection

Item Number: ACM14643

Why We Love It: Whether it’s the office or the classroom, scissors always come in handy. With so many hands using scissors, these comfortable antimicrobial ones are an excellent choice to prevent the spread of illness.

Product Details:

  • Handle designed for maximum comfort
  • Durable stainless steel blades
  • Antimicrobial
  • 8″ Long
  • 3.5″ Cut Length
Antimicrobial scissors with blue handles
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10. 3 Ring Binder Protected with Antimicrobial Additive

Item Number: SAM18287

Why We Love It: Binders are excellent organizational tools used by all ages. With antimicrobial protection, it helps kids stay healthy at school and adults illness-free in the office.

Product Details:

  • Antimicrobial lasts duration of binder’s life
  • Strong polypropylene
  • Thick chipboard for durability during frequent daily use
  • Clear, non-glare front
  • Back and spine overlay for customization.
2 Clean Touch antimicrobial binders in white with the front one open.
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Here at ProfTech, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that all businesses reopening in NY and NJ have everything they need to welcome back employees safely. And guess what? Antimicrobials don’t stop with office products! Specially crafted antimicrobial soaps are excellent at preventing the spread of infection in the workplace. From staplers to soap dispensers, we’ll procure all the antimicrobial products you need to keep your staff working diligently without risk of contamination.

Better yet, upon your request, get you safe workplace supplies for your business. From PPE and antimicrobial supplies to cubicles and mobile whiteboards, trust us to deliver exactly what your office needs.

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