Take Temperatures of Employees & Guests Safely With These Products

Take Temperatures of Employees & Guests Safely With These Products

Take Temperatures Safely

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New Yorkers are glad to finally be opening their doors again, welcoming back staff and customers alike. There’s just one question: how can you ensure that a potential carrier of illness doesn’t come into your workplace? The answer is simple: take their temperature! An elevated temperature is a clear indicator that someone may be infected. 

We carry several different no-contact options to take the temperatures of everyone who wants to come through your doors. Check them out and see which is best for you! 

No-Contact, No Problem: Digital Infrared Thermometers

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One of the easiest and fastest ways to take someone’s temperature is with a handheld, infrared thermometer. These FDA certified thermometers accurately take the temperature of a person within +/-0.4˚F in only 1 second. Not only do these handheld devices work quickly and accurately, but they also have color coding and audible alerts depending on the temperature.  

How it works:

When someone enters your office, you stop them at the door and take their temperature by pointing the thermometer at their forehead. If they have a normal temperature, the degree will show on the digital screen and the screen will turn green. Should someone have a fever, the thermometer’s screen will turn red and emit an alarm, ensuring that persons of high risk are identified.  

Self Applying Method: Disposable Forehead Strips

disposable forehead strips and detiails

If you don’t want your staff to come close to those entering the workplace, you can opt for disposable forehead strips. Like a pH strip, they are color coded with bars to signify different temperature ranges. Should someone’s temperature be elevated, the strip will turn red and note the degree. Likewise, should a temperature be normal, the strip will turn green.

How to apply them:

These strips can be placed at your workplace entrance. When someone wishes to enter, they take one strip, remove the backing, and stick it to their forehead. Within 15 seconds, the strip will give a reading of the person’s temperature. Your receptionist or staff member assigned to monitor those entering the office will clearly see whether or not it is safe to allow a person access. 

GoSafe: The Future of Workplace Safety is Now

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It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention, and in the case of those carrying illnesses, there’s nothing so remarkable as the GoSafe. Whether you have 1 office or 100 across the world, the GoSafe can be monitored anywhere. With this device your staff will never have to come in contact with anyone entering the office or facility.

How it works:

This iPod-looking device waits at the entrance of your office. When a person enters, they must face the screen. Then, the GoSafe will do 2 things: 

  1. It will take your body temperature. If the temperature is normal, the person will be allowed to pass. If not, then the person will be denied and your staff monitoring the GoSafe will be alerted of the potential threat.

  2. The GoSafe uses facial recognition. Should someone not be wearing a mask as they enter your workplace, the device will deny them entry until they cover their face. (Of course, if someone is wearing a mask and has an elevated temperature, they will also be denied entry.)

Watch this video to see demonstrations and learn more about GoSafe’s impressive features:

Here at ProfTech, we are proud to support the businesses of New York. It’s our aim to ensure that you have everything you need to open safely, and that your staff and customers are best protected from the spread of infection. If you are looking to reconfigure your office for social distance and germ protection, we’ll make sure that you have a temperature checking station as well.   

Do you want the best technology to protect your staff?