Cubicle Systems: Update Your Workplace for Workplace Safety

Cubicle Systems: Update Your Workplace for Workplace Safety

Cubicle Systems

Whether you’re not quite ready to open your business doors yet, or you’re welcoming back your employees little by little, now is the perfect time to reevaluate your office workstations. With less people in the office, you can have new cubicle systems and office furniture installed with no disturbance to your staff’s focus. When you choose expertly engineered cubicle systems by HON, you set the stage for employees to level up their work ethic.

There’s no better time than now to transform your workplace into a haven of professional productivity.

HON Accelerate Cubicle System: Simple. Professional. Versatile.

Highly versatile, Accelerate is a cubicle line designed to simplify your furniture procurement process. Adapt the workstation components to fit any space or layout for private and collaborative use. No matter how you arrange it, the Accelerate is professional aesthetic made simple. Plus, by selecting components of the HON Accelerate to use across your office, you’ll save yourself time and money. That’s a win across the board!

The Accelerate in a traditional cubicle design.
The Accelerate Cubicle system connected & arranged for a modern open office layout.

HON Abode Cubicle System: Compatibility. Consistency. Reliability.

When it comes to maximizing cubicle space and organization, the Abode truly shines. Known for it’s versatility of drawers and storage options, the Abode doesn’t just create a workstation—it makes an employee feel like home. The arrangement with excellent organizational capabilities allows employees to keep job-related information and personal assets comfortably within their workspace. Executives can enjoy the Abode as a private desking solution, while regular employees can pair and integrate the system with others for a consistent aesthetic that maximizes space.

Also, the system lends itself to the use of personal protection barriers. This way, employees not only have a new seat of master control, but they can also have peace of mind in the office.

The Abode as a single desking unit.
The Abode as a desking cubicle system with privacy panels

HON Empower Cubicle System: Sleek. Fast. Collaborative.

The Empower series is just about that: empowerment. This is one of the best choices for startups, and workplaces on a budget—with this system, you set the stage for innovation and a true entrepreneurial spirit. The sleek and professional desking system provides a clean and minimalist aesthetic desired by many up and coming businesses.

Easily connectable with other Empower desks, you can arrange these easily to fit into your workspace. The open space underneath the desks, allows you to customize your filing solutions to meet your needs. Since these are best used in an open-layout office, they are also compatible with personal protection barriers that can be mounted on to the desk. These personal barriers give employees in this setup increased safety from the spread of infection.

The Empower cubicle system is connected to make several workstations in a single island in the office space
The Empower arranged as 2 long tables with workstations marked by ergonomic chairs

HON Abound Cubicle System: Flexible. Durable. Creative.

What’s better than a professional cubicle system? One that’s not only extremely easy to install, but can be arranged and adapted to fit the need of any space and employee. The Abound has it all, making it absolutely ideal for organizations and workplaces that undergo frequent change.

With an interchangeable frame and tiling system, you can customize and build up the Abound for increased privacy, organization, and space maximization. When it comes to the arrangement of the Abound and its tiles the only limit is your imagination (and, of course, workspace parameters). This is the hassle-free, flexible desking solution you’ve been looking for!

The Abound creates 2 workstations with storage capabilities both above and below
The Abound in a simple, low walled cubicle system.

HON Verse Cubicle System: Classic. Private. Reconfigurable.

Have an open office layout design? Give your employees the privacy they need to focus with the Versé. The Versé at its core is a panel system that can be easily rearranged to accommodate any space. The tall panels truly give employees a private workspace they can use to increase focus and productivity. Plus, the panels offer such a divide between workstations that your staff can work confidently knowing that they have a barrier to help protect them from the spread of infection.

The Versé in an open office layout
The Versé in a classic, connected cubicle system.

BONUS: HON Coordinate Desking Solution: Ergonomic. Simple. Modern.

Sitting has negative effects of the human body, which is why experts consistently advocate for standing solutions in the workplace. If you’re looking for an ergonomic solution to your cubicle system, you’ve arrived at your Coordinate. A desk of futuristic, height-adjustable features affords the user a healthier work-life by allowing them to stand at work. Raise and lower the desk effortlessly to transition to a more comfortable working experience. The simple and sleek design means it can seamlessly incorporate into any workplace décor and aesthetic.

The Coordinate as a stand-alone desk in a private office.
The Coordinate raised to standing level as a secondary desk in a private office.

It’s our mission here at ProfTech to ensure that every aspect of your office is prepared to keep employees safe and healthy. From personal protection equipment (PPE) to upgraded cubicle solutions, we’ll ensure that it’s all in order.

Use this time wisely and get your cubicle system and other essentials now!
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