Office Interior Design & Services

Office Interior Design & Services

Create a functional, organized and welcoming interior with ProfTech’s workplace solutions. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your conference room for video conferencing or embrace the office interior design trends of 2022, we’ll guide you to workplace solutions that build up your business.

Office Furniture

circular table and chairs

High quality office furniture is more than just a professional statement: it’s a bill of health. Your employees deserve better than stiff, bulky chairs with zero support. ProfTech is proud to provide a range of office furniture from the most trusted brands in the industry including HON, Alera, AIS and more. From filing cabinets to the latest in ergonomic comfort, choose office furniture that brings your business to life.

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Interior Space Planning & Design

Interior workplace designs should be both aesthetically pleasing and purposeful. Sleek, modern spaces can be created through simple space planning and design efforts. ProfTech’s expert design team will work with you every step of the way to create a workspace that makes your business run smoother, your employees feel comfortable and impresses guests.

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Ergonomic Comfort

Healthier, happier employees boost productivity and growth in your company. And what’s one of the best ways to improve their well being? Comfortable, ergonomic office furniture and accessories. These products lead to better posture and alignment, allowing workers to feel fresh and restored even after a long day.

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Furniture That Fosters Education

It’s hard enough for kids to sit still, but throw them in some stiff, wooden chairs? It’s almost impossible. ProfTech’s selection of educational furniture is both attuned to student’s needs and compliments the work of the teacher. From storage to desks and chairs, we’ll help you source and select the furniture your classroom is missing.

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Hide Unsightly Wires

Nothing screams “unprofessional” more than loose, messy wires. Instead of reverting to sloppy attempts of pushing desks against the wall or zip tying them into bundles, why not use this as an opportunity to streamline your space and provide more outlets. ProfTech’s floor-mounted wireway system can be installed under carpets, inside them or over the floor in a covered encasement. It’s a simple, easy switch that instantly transforms the workplace.

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The Value Of HON Glass Stackers

A Hon glass protective barrier in an office

Attachable, glass panels add privacy and protection to individual workspaces. These glass stackers easily attach to HON office furniture pieces, but they’re universal and can work with any office desk. ProfTech offers clear versions for a traditional, clean aesthetic or frosted panels to increase privacy and focus.

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Artwork For The Workplace

Artwork brings color and life into a room, but the pieces you choose for a business might differ from ones you’d choose for your home. Workplace art should add comfort and warmth, making the space feel simultaneously more professional and welcoming without being a distraction. Using a variety of mediums, styles and techniques, ProfTech can customize an art installation that fits your business.

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Save on deeply discounted Proftech items, including office furniture, chairs, and accessories on our warehouse sale page.

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