Office Interior Design Trends for 2022

Every year we see themes rise to the top in discussions about interior office design. For 2022, the biggest trends involve functionality and comfort, as employers look to get employees back into the office. Here are 5 trends that we anticipate leading the way this year across all industries:

1. Biophilic Design

HON chairs
source: HON

Bio-what? Biophilic design is a concept to increase connectivity to the natural environment using nature within the interior design. 2022 will continue to see elements of nature incorporated throughout offices with wood-like elements, plants, and even water features as key pieces. Natural light and space also play a key role in biophilic design. 

One study found greenery significantly increases workplace satisfaction in employees, heightens self-reported concentration levels, and improves perceived air quality, so this design trend is a win for everyone! 

2. Home Comforts Incorporated in Office Settings

Couches in a lounge, via HON
source: HON

A major shift since the pandemic started is the number of employees that are now working from home, either full-time or hybrid. Many of these employees say they would prefer to work from home, but we read a study that showed people that spent more time interacting with others—talking, socializing, and connecting – displayed improved mental function over those that did not. 

Employers looking to get their employees back into the office (at least on a hybrid schedule) may want to make the office comfier for everyone. For employees that are used to their own seating, a comfortable chair will be a top priority. Warm lighting, curtains, and plush carpeting also can make a difference along with outdoor seating for employees to get fresh air (when it isn’t freezing). Little home comforts can make a visit to the office much more pleasant.

3. Minimized Noise 

Lounge space with HON furniture
source: HON

Office environments are naturally going to have increased noise when compared to employees’ home offices. This noise can make it hard to concentrate. Hard surfaces can further increase the problem, so bringing in softer materials to your office design can help minimize noise.  

Carpets, cubicle partitions, and acoustical ceiling tiles are the most common ways to absorb sound in offices, but there are also more modern partitions and screen and tile options for walls, ceilings, and floors that can evoke a more beautiful design.

4. Touchdown Spaces

Two women sitting down, working together

In 2022, touchdown spaces will become a standard offering from companies. Private rooms (also great for private calls that need noise reduction), lounges, conference rooms, and collaborative areas are all areas that will allow employees to choose the work environment that they feel are most productive.  

Touchdown spaces also allow employees to get work done between meetings, which may be the only reason that they are in the office these days.

5. Flexibility & Easily Transformable Offices

Green chairs with a red rug

With a hybrid workforce, you may not know who will be in the office and when anymore. Ensure that your office can easily adapt for the day. While the touchdown spaces are one element that provides flexibility, easily moveable furniture is also key to ensure that everyone has a space to work as well as collaborate when needed.

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