HON Office Furniture

HON Office Furniture

HON Products for Your Office Workstations

ProfTech Workplace Solutions is proud to offer products from the HON Office Furniture catalog. Since 1944, the HON Company has been supplying businesses with smart, high quality office furniture that will suit the needs of any employee. While HON’s top priority is functionality, the company’s sleek designs will stand out in any environment. 

Constructing Sustainable Furniture

At HON, developing sustainable business practices is a top priority. When designing products, the team at HON carefully considers which materials to use, in order to ensure a minimal impact on the environment. The company’s manufacturing processes and transportation systems are also designed to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.  

Many pieces of furniture from HON are created from recycled materials, which reduces the need to harvest materials from natural habitats. In addition, this process allows us to recycle products into natural materials once they run their course. Environmental protection is something the HON Company and ProfTech don’t take lightly. 

Personalize Products to Your Liking 

The team at HON understands that every office worker has their own set of needs in regards to office furniture. That’s why each HON product has a wide range of customization options. That way, you can order a product that is ideal for your work environment. 

black HON chair


HON offers a wide range of chairs that suit a wide range of tasks. These include executive chairs for conference rooms and task chairs that are ideal for days when you must sit for prolonged periods of time. 

Our chairs are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics, so you are free to customize to your heart’s content. Different back sizes are available for people of differing sizes, and you have the option to include armchairs if you desire. 

Ergonomic options, like lumbar support, are also available. 

modern white table with wood grain shelves

Desks & Workstations

From desks to L-stations, HON offers many options to help you design the ideal workstation. Several finishes are available, so you can customize your desk to fit any office space. To keep clutter off your desk, additional storage options are also available. 

Hassle-Free Construction & Installation

No one likes having to assemble furniture after buying it online. If you work in the Tristate area, a ProfTech team can assemble your purchase before it arrives at your office. That way, you won’t have to take time out of your busy workday to put everything together. 

The ProfTech team can also help you install any products you purchase in a timely manner. All of HON’s products are compatible with our space planning software so we can show you what they will look like in your office. If you’re looking to replace something in your office, we can dispose of the older item as well. 

HON’s Featured Furniture Lines 

From office chairs to workstations, our line of HON products offers a lot for the traditional office worker. Feel free to look at some of our featured items. 

Ignition Chairs

Designed by Wolfgang Deisig, Ignition office chairs are designed to suit any body type and any style of work. With three distinct back sizes, and a design that allows for quick adjustments, this chair excels at delivering comfort. 

Ignition Chair from HON

Endorse Seating

If you need a chair that can adapt to any environment, Endorse is the model for you. Thanks to its lumbar support, any office worker that uses this chair will be much happier and healthier. 

Endorse Seating Options from HON

Voi Desks

With a striking and durable design, Voi is the perfect desk for any workspace. Whether you need to create a private space or a collaborative workstation, the Voi’s versatile design makes it suitable for any task.   

Voi Desk from HON Office Furniture

Abode Workstations

Personalize your workspace with the Abode workstation from HON. Its versatile design allows it to work seamlessly with other HON workstations, including Abound. 

Abode Workstations from HON

Build Tables

Build is an efficient table that can adapt to any environment. This table is available in five shapes, and each version is interchangeable with the others. 

Build Tables from HON

In addition to these products, there are several others available in our catalog. If you want to get HON office furniture for your office, contact ProfTech today. We deliver and install furniture in various locations across New York, Northern New Jersey, and Connecticut

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