Promotional Products

Promotional Products

Increase Your Brand’s Reach With Promotional Items 

Tired of handing out business cards or pamphlets without getting any results? It might be time to incorporate a new marketing strategy: company or school branded promotional products. Promo items market your brand and double as exciting giveaways for employees and students. 

Why Promo Products Work

82% of people
have a more favorable opinion of an organization that gives them a promo item.

TRANSLATION: People like schools and companies that give them free stuff.

53% of people
use promo items at least once per week.

TRANSLATION: The more a person uses a product, the more they’ll see your brand and feel connected to it.

77% of people
keep a promo item because it’s useful.

TRANSLATION: Useful free things are the best free things.

Free Apparel Always Gets Noticed 

Clothing and apparel are among the best promo products your business or school can hand out. Why?

  1. Because people love free clothing (meaning they’ll actually use your promotional item)  
  2. Clothing (when worn) is a large scale, walking endorsement for your business brand or school
  3. It builds a sense of community around your brand

A young man wearing a customizable white t-shirt.
T-shirts make excellent promotional items because when a person wears it, others believe that your brand is being endorsed.
Sportsman 8” knit beanies shown in a variety of color options.
Beanie hats are a more subtle way to promote your brand, and yet they are often more appreciated than a common t-shirt.
A canvas tote bag with food store branding as an example.
Even when folks cover your company or school shirt with a jacket, a branded tote bag will still show off your brand.

Choose Functional Promotional Items 

When you give people something that is free, useful and interesting, they are more likely to use it, brag about it, and attach a positive impression to the school for providing the item. Choose school or office products that they will use every day. 

Branded stylus pens in an array of colors.
One of the most cost-effective and useful promo products, pens are always sure to make a positive impression.
Slap on bracelet USB drives in yellow, orange, blue, and green.
USB bracelets, not only have a novelty appeal, but they are useful—students and employees alike will thank you for these promo items.
A brand-able chalkboard wall calendar.
Branded chalkboards will help everyone stay organized during the year and offer an opportunity to personalize tasks.

Highlighted Products from ProfTech

ProfTech carries an impressive range of products that can be customized with your company logo. Here are just a few examples: 

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