Promotional Products

Promotional Products

The Benefits Are Clear

We could go on and on about the immense benefits promotional products can have on your business. How even with a tiny budget promotional products have a huge impact on brand awareness. That promotional products are one of the most effective ways of gathering customer information and leads. We could even tell you how promotional products improve employee productivity.

But instead of that, let’s…

Take a Look at the Numbers

  • 83% enjoy receiving gifts from businesses
  • More than 90% of people have at least one promo item in their home or office
  • 85% of people who receive promo products become or remain customers
  • 25% of people report an improved impression of a business
  • Half of all people use a promo product every day
  • 6 out of 10 customers keep their promo products at least two years
A young man wearing a customizable white t-shirt.
Sportsman 8” knit beanies shown in a variety of color options.
A canvas tote bag with food store branding as an example.

Build Brand Memorability

The numbers don’t lie. While business cards may get tossed in the trash or added to a large pile, promotional products are a powerful tool for increasing brand recognition and, more importantly, brand memorability. What’s the difference?

Brand Recognition
The consumer’s ability to recognize your company name, purpose, or branding.

Brand Memorability
The consumer’s ability to recall your company when they are in need.

With promotional products from Proftech, you’ll build both simultaneously, without breaking the bank.

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