Be Prepared: The First Step in Safety

Be Prepared: The First Step in Safety

It’s never a bad idea to check (and double check) your workplace preparedness. The following Safety Categories apply to every industry, although your specific needs will undoubtedly vary. Familiarize yourself with the equipment in your facility, and purchase anything missing (like hand sanitizer stations) or anything that needs to be replaced (like expired fire extinguishers).

Fire Safety 

No matter the size of your workplace, Proftech makes fire prevention and suppression second nature with everything from extinguishers to detectors. As much as any particular piece of equipment, the most important part of fire safety is having a plan and practicing it often. 


Masks, gloves, hairnets, hand sanitizer: products that were once the mainstay of restaurants and hospitals are now common in most workplaces. Whatever your current workplace procedures, it’s important to maintain your preparedness with a supply of PPE.  

First Aid 

First Aid Kits are designed for ease of use and maximum compliance. Fully equipped kits, combined with professional first aid and CPR/AED training, are your best investment in office health and safety. 

For Every Emergency 

An honest safety assessment of your workplace will help decide which additional supplies are right for you. While every office can benefit from a supply of batteries, water, and bathroom paper products, you may not need to stockpile canned goods.