Benefits of Snacks

Benefits of Snacks

You just made a great choice for your business. By visiting this page, you realize that a breakroom stocked with snacks is the #1 office perk requested by employees. Not only do they promote productivity by keeping workers on site, but the right breakroom snacks will also entice remote and hybrid workers back to the office.  

Set your workers (and yourself) up for success by providing a wide array of wholesome, filling, and fun food options.

Fresh & Frozen Food Delivery

Our customers in New York, Connecticut, and Northern New Jersey are in for a special treat. Feast your eyes on these fresh & frozen favorites,
delivered direct to your door!

  • Baked Goods 
  • Fresh Fruits & Veggies 
  • Pizza 
  • Frozen Treats 
  • Breakfast Options 
  • Filling Entrees 
  • Dairy 
Fresh Food, Fruits and Beverages

Coffee & Beverages

Water and Coffee, the twin pillars of Workplace Hydration. There isn’t an office in the world that
couldn’t benefit from our Coffee Services featuring beans and brewers from: 

  • Bunn 
  • Green Mountain 
  • Gloria Jean’s 
  • Timothy World Coffee 
  • PLUS Teas & Cocoas from Around the World

Water is available, as always, in convenient bottles, but perhaps your office would prefer a state-of-
the-art contactless water cooler from our thirst quenching Water Service

Food Service Disposables

Perfect for catering, carry out, or just passing around birthday cake, Proftech offers sustainable food
service disposable options, from trays and containers to cups and cutlery. 

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