Swiftspace Workstations Can Be Installed in Minutes

Swiftspace Workstations Can Be Installed in Minutes

Swiftspace Workstations

Swiftspace: Workstation Installation in Minutes

The modern way of work is mobile and collaborative, maximizing time, space, and ideas. Such concepts are not for technology alone—they can be the very foundations of your office space. ProfTech is proud to present Swiftspace Workstations to elevate your workspace design into a vision of modern productivity. These workstations are designed to be as mobile and fluid as your business. They can be arranged and rearranged easily to maximize space in any environment, enhance employee collaboration, and achieve the highest productivity and most innovative ideas.

Complete with castors, these workstations are completely mobile, so you can move and arrange them as needed, but have walls for privacy. ProfTech’s furniture installation team makes the delivery and set up smooth, simple and quick with little disruption to your work routine. This is because they come assembled with the parts already attached. You might be wondering how they will fit through the door. The answer will amaze you: they can fold down to 25% of their size within seconds. With most, if not all, of your employees working at computers, these workstations have been engineered with convenient electrical components. A simple daisy chain of wires keeps the look sleek and discreet, while power is provided to all stations. Swiftspace’s Workstations truly are a one-size-fits-all, and can making the biggest impact in you business with just one piece of furniture.

To learn more about assembly, features, and electrical aspects, watch this instructional video:

Think that Swiftspace Workstations might be right for you, but not sure how to arrange them for your office? ProfTech will gladly help you design the best setup for your space, but you can get some ideas for yourself by watching this quick video:

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