Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions For Any NY Office Or Facility

Whether you work out of a small office in White Plains or a sprawling facility in Yonkers, things have a tendency to pile up. From files and office products to cleaning and safety supplies, the only way to keep these items from becoming work-impeding clutter is to implement and utilize proper storage. Fortunately, ProfTech has the solutions to maintain organization in any setting.

Storage Solutions For Offices

Offices must have space for extra and spare supplies and files. An office that is well run will have supplies in waiting in the event that an employee runs out of paper or needs a new wire for his computer. An easy, compact furniture solution is to have a storage cabinet to house these items laying in wait. ProfTech provides several eco-friendly models to match the aesthetic of any office space design.

Filing cabinets are another must have in an office. Small ones are useful for each employee, fitting neatly near or under a desk to hold important documents and client files, as well as also acting as a small personal storage to avoid desk clutter.

Storage Solutions For Facilities

While storage cabinets can work wonders in a facility, lockers are the essential item to house both the workers’ effects and potentially harmful janitorial supplies. Designed to be compact and protective, lockers come in various sizes and arrangements, so everything has a proper place. Long lockers are ideal for keeping employees’ personal items during the workday, and short-stacked lockers are a great way to separate, organize and reduce potential injury from harmful cleaning chemicals and tools.

ProfTech installs all office furniture promptly and efficiently with little interruption to your busy workday. To learn more about our storage solutions, furniture installation, and space planning solutions, give us a call! One of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Proftech offers services throughout Connecticut, New York and Northern New Jersey.