Personal Protection Barriers: Keep Your Returning Employees Safe

Personal Protection Barriers: Keep Your Returning Employees Safe

Left: A corporate receptionist greets a guest. Right: A healthcare receptionist greets a patient

No matter the business you operate, you want to make sure that your employees, customers, and visitors come into the safest environment possible. Using personal protection equipment (i.e. facemasks and gloves) are strongly recommended, but they can only do so much to stop infection from spreading. Where these PPE items protect you from direct contact, they can’t create an isolated space.  

The Solution: Personal Protection Barriers  

These are excellent for giving your employees the protection they need from airborne microorganisms. Designed with durable, lightweight acrylic, these panels reduce exposure to airborne droplets, creating a personal and safe workstation. 

The Benefits of Personal Protection Barriers

  • Reduce exposure to airborne germs 
  • Create safe workspaces 
  • Easy to clean & disinfect 
  • Quick & easy installation & removal 
  • Panels can be combined for customized safe spaces 
  • Smooth, clean & professional looking 
  • Acrylic transparency/privacy options: white, frosted, clear 
  • Durable & shatterproof 

Personal Protection Barriers For Public-Facing Professionals by Deflecto

The purpose of a protection barrier is to allow a person to safely do their job…but not all desk jobs are made equal. Receptionists might need one with an opening just large enough for documents to slide through, while pharmacists and other jobs passing information and bulkier objects require more open space. Deflecto has designed a variety of personal barrier options to accommodate different professionals and the nature of their jobs.  

SAFCO Desktop & Portable Freestanding Personal Protection Barriers For Office Professionals

Customer and public facing careers aren’t the only people who need protection. Office workers need to social distance from each other as well. The portable freestanding personal barrier is the best protection you can give your employees if they work in an open layout office. The versatile design allows you to place these between coworkers to give them a safe space to do their jobs. In essence, you are creating mini-cubicles. Once you have the all clear to conduct work 100% as normal, you can simply take them off workstation surfaces and put them into storage.  

For office receptionists and over-the-counter workers, document pass-through openings make transactions with customers and guests safe and easy. 

Desktop Privacy & Wellness Panel

Desktop Privacy & Wellness Panel - 23.5"W x 23.5"H

Desktop Privacy & Wellness Panel
Dimensions of portable freestanding all-acrylic sneeze guard with document pass-through
Dimensions of portable freestanding all-acrylic sneeze guard

Returning to the office is a relief for many employees—they’re glad to be back to work and among their coworkers. Make sure they can make the transition back to the workplace as safely as possible and prevent the spread of infection with personal barriers. These effective solutions are key protective component you’ve been missing in your plan. If you need help knowing where and how to use them to reconfigure your office for better social distancing, just leave it to us!

Want to make sure you have all your bases covered and you’re the best prepared you can be to reopen the office? We can help! ProfTech will help you get all the essentials you need, like personal protection barriers, in order.  

Open your business doors confidently. 

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