Coffee Service For Healthcare Facilities

Coffee Service For Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare workers are: decision makers, life savers and helpers.

These are the people who must keep their cool under pressure, and they’re also the ones who have had some of the hardest jobs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

You’ve already ensured they have the supplies they need to work safely (PPE, hand sanitizers and cleaners). Now it’s time to re-stock the supplies that make the job enjoyable, including the breakroom essential: coffee.

Providing coffee services for healthcare workers is an easy way to say thank you, make sure they are alert and awake throughout their shifts and minimize outside exposure.

Which Coffee Service Options Are Right For
Your Healthcare Facility?

Generally speaking, there are two main kinds of coffee equipment in the workplace: drip brewers and single cup brewers.

Drip coffee machines are better for larger gatherings where many people need a cup at once. Now, with COVID, these larger meetings and get-togethers are far and few between.

Keurig single-cup brewers help to reduce the contamination between employees (no sharing from the same pot) and are quick, convenient and easy to use. They also:

  • Are safe to use: contaminants on the surface of the pod never touch the water.
  • Keep coffee fresh: pods are sealed until they are brewed.
  • Easy to clean: components come apart and can be cleaned with a single-use wipe or other cleaning supplies.

ProfTech’s coffee service comes in a complete package that includes cups, stirrers, creamers and sugars. Our goal is to get your healthcare workers the coffee service they rely on (and deserve) as conveniently as possible.

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