Dispensers For Schools & The Workplace: Hand Sanitizer, Breakroom Supplies & Soap

Dispensers For Schools & The Workplace: Hand Sanitizer, Breakroom Supplies & Soap

The days of communal hand soaps, napkin baskets and paper towels are over. After living through a pandemic, we’ve all become more aware of the bacteria and viruses that live on uncleaned surfaces. But at the same time, employees and students still need to have access to communal supplies.

What’s the solution? Using dispensers in New York schools and workplaces to distribute cleaning and office supplies.

Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers

Even after ensuring that all employees and guests use PPE and increasing janitorial efforts, illness can still spread in your office. New York is a hustling place, and it can be difficult to remember to stop and wash hands and use sanitizer, but having dispensers readily available around the workplace encourages this healthy habit. Incorporating full dispenser programs into offices and schools helps to take your defense against germs and bacteria to the next level.

Office Breakroom & Classroom Dispensers

To prevent illness from spreading through New York workplaces & schools, it’s imperative that your employees & students practice good hand hygiene. To do that, they’re going to need single use dispensers for every communally shared item.

Dispensers For Everywhere

The hallways, bathrooms, reception areas… don’t leave any part of your workspace or school unprotected!

Although hygiene dispensers aren’t a foolproof strategy, implementing them in the workplace and in classrooms is a giant step towards a healthier environment. We are dedicated to the protection of all students so we made the procurement of these dispensers a piece of cake. Not sure which ones are best for you? We can help! Just fill out the request form and we’ll get back to you with dispenser solutions.

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