Everything You Need for the Break Room

Everything You Need for the Break Room

Know That You Are Covered At Breaktime 

Ensure you have everything you need to make your breakroom an inviting and comfortable space.

The Consumables

When it comes to office snacks, give your employees, visitors, and customers the best. With high quality coffee services and water services, the beverages are top-tier and are sure to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Whether you want sodas, juices, waters, teas, coffees, or something different, ProfTech has the beverage game locked in.  

When you have the right snacks available, it makes getting through the day easier. From fresh and frozen foods like fruits, microwavable meals, ice pops, yogurts, and dips to snack packs, chips, protein bars, and more, ProfTech has what you need to keep stomachs full and brains focused. Remember to consider allergens when stocking your breakroom.  

The Space to Relax 

Be sure to offer comfortable, inclusive seating in the breakroom. This is where people come to eat their lunch, have a chat over a cup of coffee on their break, or get a snack to get over the mid-day slump. Having seating that works for everyone and is easy to keep clean is a great way to show you care about your employees.  

Large tables that allow for groups to sit together will encourage communication and collaboration. And if you need another space for an all-hands meeting, the breakroom can be a spot that accommodates everyone.  

The Supplies to Stay Clean & Organized

Don’t forget these oft-overlooked supplies for your breakroom!  

  • Utensils 
  • Napkins 
  • Plates 
  • Coffee and Tea Dispensers 
  • Coffee Filters 
  • Cups and Mugs 
  • Cleaning Supplies 
  • Food Storage Containers 
  • Dishwashing Detergent 
  • Dishwashing Sponges 

View our breakroom checklist and see what’s best for your breakroom!