Looking To The Future: Trends That Will Shape The Workplace

Looking To The Future: Trends That Will Shape The Workplace The future of business is happening right now. Factors taken for granted each day are driving the future of the workplace to transform in a way that is faster, advanced and more culturally involved. ProfTech understands these factors. Read more to discover what they are and how they will dramatically influence the future of work. Technology When thinking about the future, technology comes to mind…
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ProfTech Picks: Great Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Give The Gift of Office Supplies The holiday season is here, and with it comes the mad dash to find the best gifts and stocking stuffers. Stumped on what to give this year? We have gone through our catalog to identify some good stocking stuffers and last minute gift ideas. Our Favorite Gifts & Stocking Stuffers Royal Dansk Cookies, Danish Butter Item: OFX53005 These cookies have no artificial preservatives or coloring added. Share this with co-workers…
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Office Space Design Trends Of 2019 The best talent is flocking towards the most forward thinking businesses, but forward thinking doesn’t necessarily mean business structure. People in the workforce spend the majority of their day in the same space, and experts are finding that offices that are designed for people and not business alone have happier employees and higher production rates. So what can you do to your office interior to attract and keep top…
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