The Growth of the Hybrid Work Environment

A hybrid work environment (or hybrid work schedule) is any workplace that allows employees to occasionally fulfill their duties remotely, or “work from home.” According to a recent American Opportunity Study, 58% of US employees have been offered a schedule with at least one work from home day a week. The hybrid model has many bonuses; it minimizes the risk of exposure to germs and has shown to increase employee retention. As a matter of…
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Times Change, Your Office Needs to Stay Current

An ever-shifting global landscape requires businesses and workers to rely on quick thinking, nimble maneuvering, and constant creativity. Innovations in technology, business, and commerce happen fast, and without ProfTech it would be easy to get left behind. ProfTech has everything the modern business needs to create a comfortable, connected, and productive workplace, as well as everything that remote employees need for the perfect workspace at home. Innovative Products & OPI Winners Innovation is a valuable…
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What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

They say you can learn a lot from a person’s handwriting. Graphology is the study of a person’s behavior and character, as told by their unique handwriting. Sure, graphology is more party trick than strict science, but just like astrology it’s a fun and entertaining way to learn a little about yourself! Today we are going to use the art of graphology to find you the perfect pen. After taking our Handwriting Quiz, we'll show…
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