What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

They say you can learn a lot from a person’s handwriting. Graphology is the study of a person’s behavior and character, as told by their unique handwriting. Sure, graphology is more party trick than strict science, but just like astrology it’s a fun and entertaining way to learn a little about yourself! Today we are going to use the art of graphology to find you the perfect pen. After taking our Handwriting Quiz, we’ll show you the pen that fits your personality as well as your hand. But first, let’s talk about what your handwriting can say about you!

What Sort of First Impression Do You Make?

Man using traditional pen.

Perhaps the easiest way to learn about someone from their handwriting is to look at the size. Do you take up a lot of space on a page, filling it with large, prominent letters? You’re probably a little more outgoing than others, and enjoy connecting with people on a face-to-face level, whether in business or social situations. You’re not afraid of the spotlight, but sometimes you might color outside the lines.

Small, legible handwriting suggests a methodical mind, capable of multitasking, delegating, and organizing with a clarity of focus. Somewhere in between large and small handwriting is where most balanced, analytical people tend to be. These people bridge the gap between the methodical and the intuitive, able to focus on minute details and the big picture simultaneously.

Are You Open or Closed?

Before we go too far, it’s important to say that nothing your handwriting says about you is inherently good or bad. There is nothing better about being open or worse about being closed. It’s all about how you use the strengths you have. Do you excel as part of a community? Do people find you empathic, and sincere? You might find when you write a capital O that the circle doesn’t quite close. This represents your openness and willingness to connect. On the other hand, if your O is closed, you may be neat, tidy, and mindful. Your attention to detail can cause others to find you trustworthy, as someone with a keen eye and a fair temperament.

How Do You Handle Pressure?

Man writing with ball-point pen.

Some people are diamonds, formed under immense pressure. Some people are Zen masters, who barely touch the page to leave a mark. If your ink sometimes bleeds through the page, you are clearly passionate and committed to your thoughts, but your certainty may also make accepting criticism difficult. People with a lighter touch are thought to be empathic and sensitive to the needs of others. But in their gentleness and patience, they may need encouragement to get moving.

What Do You Write On?

Index cards

Are you the kind of person who loves reminders, so you cover your workspace with sticky notes? Do you enjoy the sturdiness of construction paper or cardstock for your notes and doodles? Are you the orderly type who prefers the reliability of a nice notebook with lined pages? What you write on says as much about you as how you write. Sticky note lovers tend to be creative, energetic, and messy. People who are more formal might find they gravitate towards cardstock. And notebook writers are organized, quick thinkers.

Are You Fancy or All Business?

People who write mostly in print are concrete thinkers who prioritize clarity and accuracy: no-nonsense types who avoid subtext and nuance. People who prefer script (or cursive) may prioritize form over function; they are often imaginative and flexible thinkers. Don’t fit into either camp? Don’t worry! People who mix and write in what is called print-script showcase their intelligence and efficiency by using the writing technique that is quickest for them.

Pop Quiz!

Don’t worry if you forgot to study, the questions are about you!

Now that we’ve discussed a few of the fascinating things your handwriting can say about you, it is time to find the perfect writing instrument for your personality. Answer five short questions and we’ll reveal to you the perfect pen, pencil, or marker for your personal style.

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