10 Products You Need For A Safer Workplace or Facility

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least 100,000 non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses happen in New York State every year, and this year is no different. Workplace safety is important to any office or facility. Here are our top picks for products that help your office or facility be up to code and ready for any emergency that can arise. These are Our Top Products for Workplace Safety. Advanced Refreshing Gel Hand Sanitizer…
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Workplace Safety by the Numbers

Did you know that, on average, an employer will spend up to $120,000 on one employee workplace injury?1 Workplace injuries can take a major toll on both employees and employers. In 2020, the median number of Days Away from Work for work-related injury rose from 8 to 12. Additionally, a worker suffered a fatal work-related injury every 111 seconds (about 2 minutes). Get Your Facility Safety Products from ProfTech Today! >>
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