Water Services

Water Services

Refreshingly Easy and Safe Water Replacement Services 

Water is essential.  

That may go without saying, but we think it’s important to remind ourselves of the necessities. Keep your employees, customers, and visitors hydrated with easy, safe access to clean, cool water. ProfTech’s Water Replenishment Program allows for a steady flow of 100% Natural Spring Purified Water wherever you need it: the breakroom, hallway, reception area, or conference room.  

Water When and How You Want It 

Do you prefer Contactless Water Coolers to ease employees’ worries in our changing world? We’ve got you covered there, too. You’ve already converted to contactless paper towel, soap & sanitizer dispensers, why not upgrade your water coolers to use the same technology?   

Our dispensers put hot and cold water at the ready. We offer programs with Nestle and Poland Spring brand water in returnable water bottles including: 

  • Contactless Water Coolers 
  • Variety of dispenser options  
  • 5-gallon bottles replenishment program  
  • Portable dispensers available for temporary locations  
  • Steel storage racks for three 5-gallon bottle 

Customer Service That Works For You 

Our team helps ensure a smooth set-up and replenishment experience. In addition to troubleshooting and servicing, we offer FREE installation. ProfTech’s professional team will work with you to decide which dispenser and replenishment schedule works best for your team.  

Whether Healthcare, Manufacturing, or anything in between, have our Coffee Services added on for all-in-one services.  

ProfTech delivers within Connecticut, New York, and Northern New Jersey.