Water Services

Water Services

Take a Sip of Success with ProfTech Water Services

What’s a sure-fire way to guarantee a workforce with enhanced energy levels, increased efficiency, and a strong sense of well-being? The answer is simple: water! Don’t let employees get such an important resource from the tap, give your office the gift of quality water services from ProfTech and watch productivity flow!

Contactless Water Coolers – Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe 

The Leading Edge of Hydration

Contactless water coolers are innovative products that dispense hot or cold water without the need for physical contact. You’ve already seen the tech in action with contactless soap or paper towel dispensers; contactless water coolers are just another way to prevent the risk of office illness. In addition to providing excellent hydration and a state-of-the-art user-experience, contactless water coolers will: 

  • Reduce Germ Transmission 
  • Improve Office Hygiene 
  • Enhance Workplace Wellness 

Water, Water, Everywhere!

By partnering with Nestlé and Poland Spring, we offer brand water hydration solutions including: 

  • Returnable Water Bottles 
  • 5-Gallon Bottle Replenishment Program 
  • Portable Dispensers 
  • Steel Storage Racks 
  • Numerous Dispenser Options

ProfTech is Proud to Deliver Water Services to Connecticut, New York, and Northern New Jersey.
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