Water Service

Water Service

Refreshingly Easy Water Replenishment

Keep your workforce hydrated and refreshed with easy access to cool, clean water. Implement ProfTech’s water replenishment program and maintain a steady flow of 100% natural spring or purified water in your lunchroom, breakroom or other gathering spots.

Our dispensers put hot and cold water at the ready. We offer programs with Nestle and Poland Springs brand water in returnable bottles including:

  • Variety of dispenser options
  • 5-gallon bottles replenishment program
  • Portable dispensers available for temporary locations
  • Steel storage racks for three 5-gallon bottle

Our customer service team helps ensure a smooth set-up and replenishment experience with complimentary installation, troubleshooting and servicing.

We’ll help you determine which dispenser is right for your workplace and team needs. We also offer cups and other breakroom supply needs. Proftech delivers within Connecticut, New York, and Northern New Jersey.

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