Workplace HON Universal Glass Stackers

Workplace HON Universal Glass Stackers

HON Universal Glass Stackers

Personal protection barriers in the workplace take on a professional, easy to install update with HON Universal Glass Stackers. Adding extra height to cubicles and workstations, these panels provide extra protection against airborne germs. Not only are they compatible with any manufacturer’s desking system, but the tempered glass design makes them exceptionally durable and easily disinfected.  

The HON Universal Glass Stackers Details

A Hon glass protective barrier in an office

Where Do The Stackers Fit?

  • HON Universal Glass Stackers can fit any manufacturer’s desking or cubicle system, given that the walls are standard at 2.00”-3.45” thick. 
  • The Stackers are limited to one panel high, but come available in varying dimensions to suit your needs. The two most common are:

    • 15”H x 24’W-96”W
    • 23”H x 24”W-96”W


What Are The Glass Options?

HON Universal Glass Stackers come in two options: clear & frosted. 

  • Clear stackers provide protection from airborne germs while still maintaining visual connection with coworkers. This is your solution for continuing workplace collaboration even with reconfiguration.
  • Frosted stackers have the same protective qualities as the clear option, but they also promote the importance of individual focus. They also create a premium aesthetic and feel to the office. 

Installation & Hardware Features

  • These Stacker are easy to install on any standard manufacturer desking system.* 
  • They ship complete with platinum attachment brackets so you don’t have to purchase hardware separately.
  • The panels also come standard with adjustable 2 leveling glides.  

*When you use ProfTech’s office reconfiguration services, we’ll install them for you! 

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