Social Distancing Reconfiguration Service For NY & NJ Workplaces

Social Distancing Reconfiguration Service For NY & NJ Workplaces

Long before Covid-19, our interior design team transformed countless New York offices into visions of modern success. Our expertise on workplace layouts and materials have now been applied to bringing your office up to code, so your employees can come back to work. 

We work with a large variety of high-quality office furniture manufacturers. This gives us access to the most contemporary cubicles, desk, personal protection barriers, panels and so much more. Once we assess your office layout and the furniture you have, we’ll prescribe the best social distancing solution.  

How Do We Do It? 

Social distancing is all about keeping enough space between individuals, preferably at least 6ft apart.  

The first thing our team will determine: does your office have enough space to spread out desks at least 6ft apart?  


Then, we strategize the best layout for maneuverability and pathways while keeping all personnel the correct distance apart. 


Now it’s time to get creative…

Take This Opportunity To Update Your Cubicles 

Update Your Cubicles

Out dated cubicles don’t just hinder social distancing— they send the wrong message about your business. With your employees out of the office, now is the perfect time to update your system. Based on the needs of your business and the space limitations of your workplace, we’ll prescribe the best cubicle option. Not only will our recommendation help your employees to maximize productivity, but we’ll also ensure that they have the flexibility to adapt to the changing nature of business and be rearranged when we beat Covid-19 once and for all! 

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Using Personal Protection Barriers

Desktop Privacy & Wellness Panel - 59.5"W x 23.5"H
Desktop Privacy & Wellness Panel - 23.5"W x 23.5"H

Personal protection barriers are highly durable, clear acrylic or polycarbonate shields that mount to desks. Available in different sizes, these can be customized to fit any desk and create a safe space for employees. These are particularly helpful in open office layouts where employees use a shared desking space.  

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Incorporating Privacy & Protective Panels

A woman sits at her desk behind a privacy screen.

If you have an older set of cubicles that can’t be rearranged, or desks with sit-stand capabilities, incorporating panels is the best way to add necessary protection. Think of a protective barrier as a fence, where a panel is an entire wall.  

Stackable and customizable options, such as the ones HON is known for, allow you to increase the height on any side of a cubicle. This way, if a person wishes to stand while they work, they are still within the limits of their workspace and not looking over into another person’s area. 

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The Finishing Touch At Your Office Entrance 

Reconfiguring your office for social distancing is great, but we highly recommend and encourage you to take precautions a step further. Setting up sanitizing and temperature checking stations at the entrance of your office is highly effective at monitoring health.  

Sanitizing stations give all employees and guests the opportunity to eliminate any germs on the their hands. However, temperature checking will quickly and accurately determine if someone is sick. High temperature? Denied. Normal temperature? Come on in! If you’re concerned about your staff coming into contact with individuals who may potentially be sick, don’t worry! We carry several no-contact options to accurately and safely take temperatures.  

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Are you ready to reconfigure your workplace for maximum social distancing and safety?

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