The Growth of the Hybrid Work Environment

A hybrid work environment (or hybrid work schedule) is any workplace that allows employees to occasionally fulfill their duties remotely, or “work from home.” According to a recent American Opportunity Study, 58% of US employees have been offered a schedule with at least one work from home day a week. The hybrid model has many bonuses; it minimizes the risk of exposure to germs and has shown to increase employee retention. As a matter of fact, over 50% of employees polled have said they would consider quitting their job should the option for a hybrid schedule be eliminated. And according to Bloomberg, as a result of employees working from home, productivity is up 13%. 

Since the hybrid work environment seems to be here to stay, it’s important to be productive at home and in the office. Here are some of Proftech’s favorite products, guaranteed for success in the hybrid environment, at home and in the office.  

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A Day at The Office 

Employee cleaning chair surfaces

Many office workers still spend a majority of their time on site in the office. This means that company cleanliness and safety are a priority. And since we will be spending at least some of our week at home, we need to maximize our mobility as well. These personal supplies will keep you safe and productive.  

Hand Sanitizer and PPE

Sanitizer and masks

Purell Advanced Refreshing Gel Hand Sanitizer is the first step towards keeping your office clean and safe. And a healthy supply of Three-Ply General Use Face Masks will keep your office…well, healthy! 

Personal Office Supplies

Hole puncher and Sharpies

Every office has that three-hole punch that floats from desk to desk, or “the Good Sharpie” for addressing boxes. But in the time of worldwide viruses, we need to keep our germs, and our office supplies, to ourselves. Remembering not to share can be tough but at least there won’t be any more arguing about who the Swingline Desk Stapler belongs to when everyone has their own. And keep your notes (and germs!) private with your own store of Gold Fibre Personal Writing Pads.  

Commuting Accessories

Backpacks and rolling cases

These products are designed take the difficulty and drudgery out of moving back and forth between home and the office. Whether you’re transporting your workstation, important documents, or everything but the kitchen sink, Proftech will help you carry the weight. 

  • 16” Laptop Backpack 
  • Collapsible Mobile Storage Crate 
  • Mobile Solution Office Case 

Working from Home

Work from home environment

Working from home is all about staying connected and comfortable. A dedicated work area helps maintain the boundaries between work and home. The Sit-Stand Lifting Workstation turns any surface into an at-home office, with full range of motion allowing for use as a standing or traditional sitting desk. And the EverLife Chair Mat will protect your floors from your new state-of-the-art “office” chair. 

Power, Connectivity, and Data Storage

Power strips and wi-fi routers

It’ll be a short workday without a break to recharge. Make sure you are never short of power with this Six-Outlet Power Strip with 15 foot Cord.  

How long has it been since you’ve updated your home Wi-Fi connection? If your Zoom meetings are lagging, your email is slow to load, and using multiple devices drags your Wi-Fi down, then a MAX-STREAM AC1900 Dual Band Wifi Router may be just what you need. Never miss an email, drop a call, or freeze up during important meetings with your newly updated Wi-Fi network. 

Don’t always trust cloud storage? Then invest in a handheld Store N Go 1T Portable Hard Drive and keep all your data at your fingertips whether at home or on the go. 

Tools to Focus

Headphones and monitors

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones help to turn down the distractions of a home office, without sacrificing comfort or connectivity. Adding a 27” LED Monitor to your home workstation can give you the extended multi-display reach you need to see the big picture.  

Desk Accessories

Lighting for office settings

You may not be lucky enough to have a work area at home with good natural light, but you are lucky enough for a soothing Adjustable LED Desk Lamp. And wherever you are, this Social Media Light Kit, with ring light, tripod, and phone cradle, will keep you looking your best.

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