2019 Office Design Trends: Attract Talent & Stay Ahead Of Competition

Office Space Design Trends Of 2019

The best talent is flocking towards the most forward thinking businesses, but forward thinking doesn’t necessarily mean business structure. People in the workforce spend the majority of their day in the same space, and experts are finding that offices that are designed for people and not business alone have happier employees and higher production rates. So what can you do to your office interior to attract and keep top talent? Here are some of the hottest office interior design and space planning trends of 2019….


Man with Tablet

As technology evolves, the way we work must also evolve. The new wave of young workers is not only adept with technology, but they are trained to use it in their schools and they expect it in the office. Technology makes every facet of business move faster and more efficiently, and it makes for less clutter in the office. The brightest fresh talent won’t settle for antiquated ways. Incorporating technology into your office—even your office furniture—brings your company into the future of business to stay ahead of the competition both in productivity and talent.


Gone are the days of dreary, neutral toned walls surrounding employees like an eternal cloudy day. Color is here and it is here to stay. Using brighter colors and art on the walls are shown to have positive psychological effects, making employees and clients happier to be in the office space. Some business owners will choose colors strategically to reflect their brand and company culture, which then makes everyone feel more connected to the company and mission.

Flexible Furniture

Collaborative Space

Flexible furniture is a fancy way of saying ergonomic furniture, meaning that the objects employees encounter each day at work are designed to move with them. There is overwhelming research connecting sedentary deskwork with severe health issues, and the modern workforce is both aware and adamant about staying healthy. By giving employees the ability to stand while they work with sit-stand workstations and the body saving design of ergonomic chairs, employers are not only protecting those employees but themselves from potential lawsuits.

Eco-Friendly Design

How much natural light are you letting into your office? Does your company incorporate green practices and recycling into its culture and routine? Not only is the younger workforce more environmentally conscious, but they also prefer an open setting for collaboration and movement, with better lighting when they work. In fact, many companies are taking things even further by incorporating plants into their designs. Brining nature into the office reduces employee stress levels. Furthermore, having a fresh water service is something employees look for and use often throughout the day. If color is about psychological impact in the workplace and flexible furniture is about bodily health, the eco-friendly design trend brings the two together.


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