Looking To The Future: Trends That Will Shape The Workplace

Looking To The Future: Trends That Will Shape The Workplace

The future of business is happening right now. Factors taken for granted each day are driving the future of the workplace to transform in a way that is faster, advanced and more culturally involved. ProfTech understands these factors. Read more to discover what they are and how they will dramatically influence the future of work.


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When thinking about the future, technology comes to mind first, filling the imagination with visions of sleek interactive walls and hover crafts. The truth is that these sci-fi ideas are quickly becoming a reality and businesses must adapt their workspaces and strategies to incorporate them. The best and brightest entering the workplace are being trained and immersed into the world of modern technology and how to use it efficiently in their desired fields. They are being given the capabilities to be data literate and to operate devices that blend seamlessly into the furniture and objects around them. Therefore, changes in the workplace come not just from changes in technology, but changes in the workers themselves. This co-evolution needs to be understood by business owners and taken heavily into consideration when planning long-term strategies.


Globalization through technology

As technology gets smaller, so does our great wide world. We already have the capabilities to carry out a conversation over the phone or even see the other person using a combination of technologies. The advancement of video conferencing, holograms, and other communication forms make taking business relations to a global scale not only possible, but a norm. Furthermore, the increasing use of technology to conduct business across distances makes the possibility of working remotely and/or from home a likely reality.


Global Cultural Diversity

With the increase in globalization, interacting with people from other cultures will increase as well. Understanding and appreciating the differences in cultures is and will continue to be essential to thriving in the business arena. No one would want to blow a business deal because of lack of respect or insensitivity. But this doesn’t only have to pertain to global business.

Cultural Diversity within a single office is crucial, not only for acceptance of all people, but because having employees of different backgrounds will widen the range of ideas, influences, and creativity needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Lastly, Company Culture is a major trend that is here to stay. It is a key factor in attracting the right talent and reducing turn over rates. Before a person graduates and gets a job with a company his/her entire life is categorized into different cultures: family traditions, school pride, sports teams, nationality, and so much more even down to genre of music. At every turn, an individual is met with rituals and norms that tell them “you are one of us,” but for decades this has not been the case in the workplace. Establishing a culture in your office gives employees a sense of belonging and community—they are not there just to earn a paycheck, they genuinely want to come to work and feel like they have a team behind them. Such a feeling leads to better productivity, teamwork, and overall the overall bottom line numbers.


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