Creative Storage Solutions for Your Office in The New Year

With the beginning of a new year, companies are always looking for new and effective ways of organizing. In 2022 there are multiple solutions to help maximize your office organization from storage boxes to cabinets and other solutions. Here are ways we found that can be useful for companies going forward into 2022.

Storage Cabinets

Cabinets in an office

Storage cabinets can be ideal for giving offices extra space for files and supplies. They can help an office run more smoothly as it allows employees access to multiple supplies on demand. A storage cabinet can be a compact solution and ProfTech has several eco-friendly models that can fit an office environment. These cabinets are versatile in use and can meet a number of varied functions for your company’s setting. Storage cabinets can be an effective way to give your office better organization and help increase workflow as well.

Filing Cabinets

Open filing cabinet

Filing cabinets can be an office essential for stronger organization. With a good set of filing cabinets, offices can allow employees to hold important documents and files on person. Filing cabinets can also effectively reduce clutter around the workspace. ProfTech has a variety of filing cabinets that can integrate themselves into any office setting.

Facilities Storage

Woman opening a cabinet

In addition to storage and filing cabinets, lockers can also be effective in housing supplies around the workspace. Designed for compactness, long lockers can be beneficial in storing employee belongings and shorter lockers can be ideal for separating and reducing personal injury from any cleaning chemicals and tools around the workspace. Overall, lockers can be utilized for multi-faceted purposes around your office.

Desktop Storage

Storage unit for organizing documents

Another storage solution that can be utilized for you workspace are desktop organizers. These are ideal in de-cluttering spaces and can store a variety of objects including papers, letters, and files. Desktop organizers can be particularly effective in helping employees avoid misplacing documents and keeping them on task. Overall, desktop organizers are another effective method in office organization that can also increase productivity as well.

Which Unit is right for you?

Supplies stored away

At ProfTech, we pride ourselves on providing companies with methods of optimizing their workspace for maximum organization. If you’re trying to decide which of these options best suits your needs feel free to explore our products or get in touch with us. With a new year ahead of us, now is a perfect time to ensure your workspace is working for you.

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