Reopening Your Office? Take This Chance To Reinvent the Breakroom!

It’s Time To Reinvent The Breakroom!

With offices empty and less crowded, now is the best time to reinvent your breakroom. You can transform it into a space that improves employee communication and sense of belonging with your company. It’s all about the right furniture!

Since the breakroom is a “behind the scenes” area, office managers and business owners are often stumped when it comes to furnishing it. But don’t worry! It’s easier than you think to get the ball rolling. Ask yourself which office trend designs do you like best? What basic theme best represents your company culture: sleek and modern, casual and comfy, or fun and creative? Once you have a “vibe” you want for the space, the rest is just in the details.

Breakroom Tables

The first piece of furniture you’ll want to decide on when reinventing your breakroom is the table(s). As the largest piece in the space, this will immediately set the standard for all other furniture. There are three things to consider for breakroom tables:

  1. How big is your breakroom? The size of your space will determine how big and how many tables can fill the space.
  2. How many employees do you have in the office? The number of employees also determines how many or how big your tables are. Tables that are too big will feel awkward. Too small and some employees will have to the eating at their desk or stand.
  3. What’s your workplace aesthetic? Once you have an idea of the size and number of tables that you need, it comes down to looks. Do you want sleek squares? Cool high tops or counters? What about a cafeteria situation?

With these three questions answered, you can begin to narrow down your search and select the best breakroom tables for your employees to enjoy lunchtime together.

Cafe Table, Breakroom Table, 36w x 36d x 30h, Gray Melamine Top, Steel Legs

The Sleek & Modern
Item Number: ICE65617

Want to extend your new professional and modern aesthetic across your workplace? Include these tables in your breakroom to make a lasting impression. Employees will feel like they working for a company with an eye to the future when they sit down to lunch each day.

Alera Hospitality Series Single- Column Bases, 40 3/ 8"h, 300lb Cap, Steel, Black

The Height
Item Number: ALETBH423B

For a cool, laid back look, choose high top tables for your breakroom. They encourage your staff to feel at ease, as if they were at their favorite sports bar for happy hour. The result is a friendly environment where staff members are comfortable to bond with each other, improving their teamwork.

iLand Table, Contour, Round Seated Style, 42" dia. x 29", Mahogany/ Black

The Classic Equalizer
Item Number: ICE69738

If bettering your employees’ collaboration is your goal, choose round tables for your breakroom. Like King Arthur, a classic round table includes everyone and allows for your staff to better communicate.

IndestrucTables Too 1200 Series Resin Picnic Table, 72w x 30d, Platinum/ Gray

The Courtyard Casual
Item Number: ICE65923

Reinventing a breakroom can mean expanding your employees’ options to include outdoor seating in warmer months. Or if you’re relocating to a larger facility, you might be including a full cafeteria. Either way, picnic tables are the way to go. They create a causal space that employees and guests can enjoy at together.

Breakroom Seating

Once you’ve chosen your table(s) it’s time to select your seating.

  1. What aesthetic do your tables have? This will immediately narrow down your selection and give your breakroom a cohesive look by pairing the right style of seating with the tables.
  2. How many employees do you have? Not everyone might take a break at the same time or eat lunch in the same hour, but it’s still important to have enough chairs to accommodate most of your staff.

Alera Oversize Stack Chair without Arms, Fabric Upholstery, Black Seat/ Black Back, Black Base, 2/ Carton

The Classic Comfort
Item Number: ALEBT6610

The break room is where your employees commiserate and recharge. Update your breakroom chairs for timeless look with total cushioned comfort. This is the chair that will always look smart and professional. Plus, the padded seat and back will give your staff total comfort on their break, helping them to recharge and be more productive in the afternoon.

Alera IV Series Guest Stool, 25.19'' x 23.81'' x 45.66'', Black Seat/ Black Back, Black Base, 2/ Carton

The High Top Solution
Item Number: ALEIV4614A

With clean light colors, this table brings a room together. A table like this works great in healthcare offices that want a more modern appeal. With its light colors and simple helps design this table evokes a sense of healing.

Zenergy Ball Chair, Grass Seat/ Grass Back, Silver Base

Funky & Fun Seating
Item Number: SAF4750GS

In today’s offices, having company culture is extremely important. Bring culture, comfort and style together in your breakroom with fun ergonomic seating. The Zenergy ball comes in several colors, making it perfect for creative industry businesses & businesses whose culture has a unique style.

Steel Folding Chair, Light Gray Seat/ Light Gray Back, Light Gray Base, 4/ Carton

Compact Convenience Chairs
Item Number: ALEFCMT4G

For a truly modern interior office design, you’ll want a table with crisp geometric inspiration. This one has that and more with its faux balancing act design. This is the piece to tie your new reception area together.

Waste Receptacles

If there’s one place in your office that’s going to generate a lot of waste, it’s the breakroom. The right receptacles for the space will do three things:

  1. Help maintain a sanitary environment
  2. Complement your reinvented décor
  3. Boost your sustainability efforts

SAFCO At-Your-Disposal Recycling Center, Polyethylene, Three 84 gal Bins, Black

Organized For Sustainability
Item Number: SAF9798BL

Perfect for medium to large sized breakrooms, this singe waste receptacle with three designated bins will benefit your sustainability efforts. Labeled: “plastic,” “cans,” and “waste,” employees are presented with the immediate opportunity to recycle properly. This is the receptacle solution that takes professional organization to a sustainable level.

Rubbermaid Silhouette Waste Receptacle, Round, Steel, 26 gal, Silver Metallic

The New Contemporary Classic
Item Number: RCPDRR24TSM

For a medium office with a modern aesthetic, choose a classic round waste receptacle with a steel exterior. This will keep the piece in line with your décor while ensuring that it falls into the background.

Rubbermaid Designer Line Silhouettes Receptacle, Steel, 16 gal, Silver Metallic

The Sleek Small Solution
Item Number: RCPSC14EPLSM

Have a small space for your breakroom? If so, how the receptacle you choose looks will matter, since it’s more likely to be noticed. A sleek and universal design will look professional while the small size keeps it discrete.

Rubbermaid Classics Open Top Waste Receptacle, 51 gal, Stardust Silver Metallic

Heavy Duty Elegance

From large cafeterias to outdoor patio space, this is the receptacle you can rely on. Elegant and durable with a steel exterior, this large waste receptacle is designed for both indoor and outdoor break spaces. Trust it to hold up to the elements and your employees’ lunches.

Social Distancing

Now that you’ve reinvented your breakroom, you’ll want for employees to be able to safely enjoy it. But that’s easier said than done given the current Covid situation. The breakroom will likely be the hardest place to enforce social distancing unless you have the right assets.

Deflecto Classic Image Wall- Mount Sign Holder, Portrait, 8 1/ 2 x 11, Clear

Customize Your Covid Signs
Item Number: DEF68201

Post a custom sign outside your breakroom to remind employees to social distance during their lunch hour or coffee break. Even though temporary, signs are part of your office décor. With the option to customize your Covid-19 sign(s), you can make sure it matches your interior design, company culture, and speaks to your employees in the most effective way.

HON Versé Office Panel, 24w x 60h, Gray

Keep Tables Separated
Item Number: BSXP6024GYGY

If you have several tables in your breakroom it might be prudent to have temporary dividers between them. This will deter unnecessary socialization between tables, and help to limit the number of people in a given table gathering.

Deflecto Personal Spacing Disks Six Pack

Social Distancing Spacing Disks
Call to Order

Breakrooms and cafeterias that accommodate large amounts of people need to remind employees to stand at least 6ft apart. By placing these graphic disks on the floor at the appropriate distances you can help them practice social distancing.

Rubbermaid Site Safety Hanging Sign, 50" x 1" x 13", Multi- Lingual, Yellow

Keep Sanitation a Priority
Item Number: RCP9S1600YL
Like the cityscapes, ditch the close up floral photography. Instead, choose a minimalist botanical painting. These will look lovely in a healthcare office waiting area.

ProfTech is your local experts for office interior design. Whether you’re redesigning your breakroom or reinventing your reception area, our team is here to transform your workspace. But we do so much more than office furniture design. We are experts in all things for your office and breakroom, including routine coffee service for non-office industries (healthcare and manufacturing). We’ve made it our mission to ensure that your employees return to a safe work environment after Covid-19. In fact, we will design a unique plan that delivers all the Covid Essentials you need until we beat this virus completely.

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