Get Back to Basics: The Top 5 Office Interior Design Trends for 2020

The Top 5 Office Interior Design Trends Of 2020: Get Back To The Natural State Of Things

The New Year is bringing with it a new decade. As your office looks toward the future, an interior remodeling might be in order. Fortunately, the hottest trends of 2020 are easily applied. In fact, you’ll find that most take their cues from traditional sources and look to return to simplicity and the natural state of things.

Here are the top 5 trends you can easily incorporate into your office…

1. Art Is The Timeless Interior Design Feature For Your Office

A long abstract painting with reds, yellows and circular accents for vertical spaces.
Source: Great American Art

Trash those sunset pictures with inspirational quotes. Real art is in! A painting or print can bring the added color you need to your workplace, while keeping to your aesthetic. You can choose from bold abstract pieces, to Renaissance inspired works. Best of all, this trend does not have to be expensive! No gallery visit is required when you can find the ideal artwork for your office easily online— at a fraction of the cost, too. Well-chosen office art sends the following messages about your business:

  • Your company is cultured.
  • Your company is creative.
  • Your company values good work.
  • Your company blends the best of traditional & modern visions.

2. Recycle Your Trash, Recycle Your Interior Décor & Furniture

Two upcycled chairs made from Lynx Helicoper seats by Original House with blue upholstery.
Source: Original House

If you are looking to update your interior décor, the furniture you choose will make an impact in the design aesthetic & culture of the company. Be sure to keep the ergonomic furniture for the workspaces of your employees but think outside the box for your reception & sitting areas. Furniture made from repurposed and upcycled goods is not only unique, but better for the environment, too. Visitors to your office will be impressed by your business’ choice in décor. Let’s face it, if a company can make a space interesting, what other new ideas will they bring to the table?

Note: Common recycling is still extremely important to implement in your office. ProfTech offers recycling solutions for businesses in the Hudson Valley.

3. Go Green & Bring Nature Inside The Office

From reception to breakrooms, living walls can be any size and made any space both fresh and impressive in your office.
Source: Greenery NYC

Going green doesn’t just mean making sure your office is saving electricity and recycling –bonus points if you are! It’s bringing nature into your workplace. Whether you choose to incorporate more plants & succulents around your office, or go all out on an impressive living wall, plants are all the rage. In fact, studies show that they promote positivity and bring a sense of tranquility to the space. An office that has more living green is one not only environmentally conscious, but employee-friendly as well.

4. Home-Style Trend That Reduces Stress At Work

A brown leather sofa with a brown leather footrest is placed next to a high-rise window for a comfy aesthetic in an urban environment.
Source: AllModern

Work and home life have always been kept separate. Now with more people working successfully remotely, things are taking a turn. People living and working in NY & NJ are known to be constantly on the move, always plugged in and getting wok done. Needless to say, stress runs high in these states. Home means comfort and comfort decreases stress. When workers are less stressed they perform better. It’s that simple.

2020 is bringing home to the office. Instead of sleek stainless steel and modern, industrial edges furniture in office reception areas, breakrooms, and quiet corners are far more similar to those you’d find in your own house. Reception areas and team collaboration spaces are filled with cushioned seating, coffee tables, and other furniture pieces that make people feel right at home.

5. Sleek & Discreet Technology: The Illusion of Wireless

A woman stands in a modern high-rise office with a desk utilizing a Connectrac hidden wireway system.

Whatever your office interior design aesthetic is, there is one trend that you can –and should–implement: the illusion of complete wireless. With more and more businesses opting for an open layout, exposed wires are not only a hazard, but they look messy and unprofessional. Utilizing systems like Connectrac Floor Mounted Wireway Systems, afford your business the sleek and collected look it needs. Wires are discreetly hidden beneath floorings to integrate directly with your company technology. The idea here is to project an image of effortless professionalism.

Did one of these trends catch your eye?

Your office interior design speaks volumes about your business and company culture. Trust ProfTech to seamlessly bring these top 5 trends of 2020 into your office. Our expert space planning and design team is here to bring the latest solutions to offices in the New York, Northern New Jersey and Connecticut.

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