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The reception area makes the first impression of your business to guests, visitors and potential new hires. If yours has needed a face-lift, now is the best time to do it! If something positive has come from Covid-19 it’s that you now have the perfect opportunity to finally get that renovation done. With the office empty of employees and staff, furniture installation will be a cinch!

Please Find a Seat

The hallmark of a quality reception area is the seating. You want your guests to feel comfortable and welcome. At the same time chairs and sofas command the space and seal your aesthetic and interior design. This is why choosing the right seating is extremely important—it can make or break the first impression guests have of your business.

HON Modular Lounge Chair, Black SofThread Leather

Sleek & Modern
Crisp lines, sharp black, and total comfort. These are the characteristics you’ll want for your reception area seating if modern is your aesthetic.

HON Skip Collaborative Seating, Multicolored Hard Plastic Frame

Funky & Fun
Got a creative vibe in your workplace? Update your chairs to funky designs that keep all the comfort you’d expect in a reception area. These also look exceptional in an office with minimalist décor or nature inspiration.

HON Invitation Armchair, Black Leather

Classic Comfort
Make guests and visitors feel like home with seating that brings unparalleled comfort in the office. With classic leather, these chairs will always impress.

HON Corral Sofa, Black, SofThread leather

Communal Couch
Especially in healthcare offices, guests often come in together. Give family members and loved ones the option of sitting with one another by including a sofa. This is a look that is welcoming and appreciated.

ProfTech is a partner of HON, a premier office and workplace furniture designer and manufacturer. When you choose to include their seating in your décor, we’ll ship it to your NY or NJ business on the double!

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Lounge Tables

Tables are essential in a reception area. They provide a place to put magazines for guests to read while waiting and a surface to place their complementary coffee. While most office end and coffee tables are generally simple in design, there are variations that determine different styles. Selecting the right one to complement your new design is key.

HON Laminate End Table, Flat Edge, 24"W, Mahogany Finish

Classic Elegance
Classic wood end tables create a professional and elegant appeal to workplaces. They are the functional finishing touch that no one notices.

HON Between Round Table, Seated Height X-Base, 36"D, Silver Mesh Laminate, Textured Silver Finish

Clean and Professional
With clean light colors, this table brings a room together. A table like this works great in healthcare offices that want a more modern appeal. With its light colors and simple helps design this table evokes a sense of healing.

HON Utility Table, 72"W x 30"D, Harvest Laminate, Putty Finish, Chrome Leg Finish

Concessions Solution
One feature many offices like to include for their guests is a refreshment stations. Offer them Kurig coffee, tea, water, and snacks. Long tables allow several guests at a time to enjoy the service.

HON Cantilever Table, 17-1/2"W, Black Finish

Modern Edge
For a truly modern interior office design, you’ll want a table with crisp geometric inspiration. This one has that and more with its faux balancing act design. This is the piece to tie your new reception area together.

Want your new HON reception tables shipped to your NY or NJ office before your employees are welcomed back? Not a problem! Our partnership with HON allows us to get you exactly what you want, when you want.

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Protection is Paramount

As you get ready to reopen your doors to employees and customers, you likely have a plan in place to for guest and visitor control. You can take this plan a step further and give your administrative professionals extra protection by installing personal protection barriers. These work to protect your employee(s) from airborne microorganisms. Since these are temporary safety precautions, you can easily install them as part of your reinvented reception area. This way, your staff is protected from day one when they come back to work.

A man stands behind a countertop barrier at reception desk to greet a woman

Countertop Barriers
Countertop barriers are the most common form of protection barrier for reception areas. They easily rest on the desk of your administrative professional and afford them a safer work environment when meeting with several guests and visitors each day.

A pharmacist stands behind a hanging barrier.

Hanging Barriers
Hanging barriers are an excellent choice of personal protection barriers for office administrators and professionals in the reception area. They are especially good in businesses where this person is must pass objects larger than a document or form to those who approach the desk.


Jazz It Up With Artwork

If you’re reinventing your reception area, you’ll need that little extra something to bring it all together: art. You don’t have to be an art history major or a collector to select the best options for your lounge. There are two questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. What is the aesthetic/culture of your office?
  2. When you look at different art, which style do you like best? (Don’t worry about the specific names of styles—you’ll know it when you see it.)

The trick is to choose art that meets both criteria. A Renaissance-inspired painting would look strange in an office with a minimalist or modern décor, while a big cityscape might seem out of place in a small town healthcare office. If you’re still stumped, ask an expert for help when selecting art for your office.

A watercolor cityscape with a river.

City Watercolors
If you’re reinventing your reception area, then skip the cliché back and white city photos. A city or townscape of your office location is far more striking and beautiful. Guests will admire it, and your staff will appreciate the area in a way they’ve never seen it before.

landscape painting with mountains

Colorful Landscape
Landscapes are often seen in offices, but you should skip the storm at sea or the highly detailed canvas— these will look like they belong in a cabin or tavern. Instead, choose a scene with serene colors and a touch of abstract design. This will bring color and inspire curiosity in your reception space.

An abstract painting with orange, yellow, and pink.

Creative Abstract
If you’re looking for a unique splash of color in your lounge, opt for an abstract painting or print. This will instantly brighten up the area. It will also give guests something to ponder and look on as they wait.

A minimalist botanical painting on a white background.

Beautiful Botanicals
Like the cityscapes, ditch the close up floral photography. Instead, choose a minimalist botanical painting. These will look lovely in a healthcare office waiting area.

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