Creating Touchdown Spaces In Your Office

The Importance of Touchdown Spaces 

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In today’s workplace, touchdown spaces are becoming a commonplace necessity. Employees are now expecting offices to be comfortable and productive to work in, but that can mean something different for each employee. Some employees may need a calm place to focus, while others may thrive in a collaborative space. One employee may love being in a lounge type atmosphere while another enjoys the privacy of a workstation or cubicle.  

What is a Touchdown Space?  

Employees sitting around in a lounge, chatting and working

A touchdown space is an area where an employee can work from their laptop quickly and efficiently, while offering adequate internet access. It can be a private room, lounge, conference room or collaborative area. A touchdown space allows employees to quickly respond to an email or call in between meetings or tasks. As your workforce is constantly on the go and results-driven, traditional assigned spaces are being replaced by more touchdown spaces that are activity oriented. 

Turn up Your Office Productivity 

The biggest question to ask is, “How can we help our employees best perform their tasks?” Think through your office furniture and design to ensure you are utilizing your office space to be as productive as possible. Here are four areas that can help you turn up the productivity: 

Two workers sitting down, collaborating on an assignment
  1. Waiting Areas 

Don’t miss an opportunity to make this space more than just a place for guests to sit. Integrate power plugins for your guests (and employees) to recharge their devices and have the opportunity to check-in. 

  1. Dedicated Touchdown Space Outside of Conference Rooms 

This is a great opportunity for employees to work while they wait for a meeting space. Meetings often run behind, and this allows employees to have a place to wait for an occupied room, while still being productive. 

  1. Meeting and Privacy Booths or Areas 

Consider creating areas for impromptu meetings or personal phone calls that may need a little privacy. Furniture and chairs that easily fit all shapes and sizes allow for a quick use of space without major adjustments. Having dedicated spaces for video conferences and other meetings ensures that meetings can be completed without distraction.

  1. Modular and Pull-up Seating Solutions 

Furniture that can be easily moved around a space allows colleagues to work together effectively. Have flexible options throughout the office that allow for easy collaboration.  


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