Stock The Breakroom For Reopening: Drinks, Snacks, Supplies & More

Stock The Breakroom For Reopening: Drinks, Snacks, Supplies & More

Stock The Breakroom

Your employees are excited to return to the office! They can’t wait to get back into their normal routine of getting out of the house, arriving to work and making that first cup of breakroom coffee to start their day. So have you made sure your breakroom is ready with all of their favorites? No? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered:

Cool Down With Cold Refreshments

Here in NY and NJ we experience all seasons in their truest form. In winter it snows and in summer it gets hot. Your employees will likely be returning to the workplace in the dog days of summer, so its imperative to make sure they stay hydrated. Stock your breakroom fridge with water and other cold beverages they can enjoy.

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The Lightning Jolt: Caffeine Favorites

The hallmark of a breakroom is the availability of coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Your staff will love to have that morning jolt and afternoon pick-me-up. We carry a wide variety of coffee brands and brewing types, so you can find exactly what you need.

Coffee’s Best Friends

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The Best Snacks for Afternoon Cravings

Snacks are excellent to help keep up energy levels and increase focus. After all, how can anyone work when they’re only thinking of their rumbling belly? By having snacks stocked in your breakroom, you offer your employees a solution to that 2pm craving. They’ll truly be grateful for the selection.

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Food & Beverage Supplies

Employees might forget their favorite mug at home, or the silverware for their lunch. By having disposable options, you can ensure a clean and civilized breakroom.

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The Essential Breakroom Kitchen Items

Messes happen. Employees want to save their lunch leftovers. Garbage needs to be thrown away. These are all daily habits of the breakroom. With the right storage and cleanup materials, you can keep a neat and healthy breakroom environment.

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Here at ProfTech, we carry all the breakroom essentials you need to keep a well-stocked pantry and happy employees. But do you also have the supplies to protect your staff from infection? At your request we’ll design a Covid Essentials plan for your business. We’ll make sure you have the perfect amount of PPE, antimicrobials, supplies, cleaning equipment and other protective materials.

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