Work From Home Essentials Pt. 1: Setting Up Your Ergonomic Home Office

If you, like so many others around the nation, are now working from home for the first time you might feel a little out of your element. Setting up shop in your home office, living room or bedroom can be a stressful experience. How do you make an organized system with the right ergonomics and communications?  

It’s simpler than you’d have thought. Start with these essentials to get you off on the right foot! 

1. Ergonomic Chair 

If you’re working from home, you’ll be sitting just as much as you did in the office. If you use your dining room chair or breakfast stool, you’re going to start feeling that seat in a couple of days, if not hours. An ergonomic chair is perhaps the most essential item you can get for your new home office because it will always give you the support you need.  

Torch Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair, Supports up to 250 lbs., Black Seat/Black Back, Black Base

2. Footrest 

If you are among the vertically challenged population now working from home, we highly recommend a footrest to pair with your ergonomic chair. If you’re not, then we still recommend them because they’re super comfortable! Having a footrest is important because it will help with your posture and circulation in the legs. (Don’t worry, these are designed to be non-slip and scratch-free, so your hard floors stay in top condition!) 

Relaxing Adjustable Footrest, 13.75w x 17.75d x 4.5 to 6.75h, Black

3. Monitor Stand with Cable Management & Drawer

Now that you’re back is supported, feet are flat, and your musculoskeletal system support is en pointe, it’s time to look at your head and neck. You know what causes neck pain? Tilting your neck downward. Imagine holding your head down in the same position you use to check your phone…for eight hours straight.  Ouch. Remedy this with a monitor stand that raises your computer screen up to eyelevel. Tada! No more neck strain. Plus, if you get one with cable management and a drawer, you can keep your work from home office neat and organized. 

Large Monitor Stand with Cable Management and Drawer, 18 3/8" x 13 5/8" x 5"

Pro tip: Place your monitor arms length away from you. Too close or too far can cause eyestrain. 

4. Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

One thing that’s often overlooked but simplifies the working from home experience is a set of a wireless keyboard and mouse. The wireless keyboard can be positioned for maximum comfort and make it easier to work with your monitor stand. A wireless mouse, gives you total ergonomic comfort by controlling everything where your hand and wrist are most comfortable. 

MK320 Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Combo, 2.4 GHz Frequency/30 ft Wireless Range, Black

5. Wireless Scanner

Send documents and hard copies easy and with total clarity to your coworkers and clients by using a wireless scanner. This will keep all your sent and transferred work looking crisp, clean, and professional.  

DS920DW Wireless Duplex Mobile Color Page Scanner

Chin up, New York! We’re all in this together. Shop for all your work from home supplies and needs in one convenient place. Whatever you require to continue doing your best work, we’ll have it to you as soon as possible. 

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