ProfTech’s Top Office Supplies: Buy New Calendars & Planners for 2020

Grab Some New Planners & Calendars for the New Year

With the New Year approaching, it’s time to buy new office calendars and daily planners for work. If you don’t want to lose track of important dates for next year, you should plan ahead and buy them early. Otherwise, you could risk missing important deadlines and appointments.

Below you will find some of the featured products from ProfTech’s catalog. Page refills are available as well, so you’ll be able to keep using our products even after you run out of pages.

The Best Planners for 2020

Appointment Book Opened Up to Display Some Early Days of January 2020

At-A-Glance Block Format Weekly Appointment Book

Use this helpful appointment book to plan your week out in hourly intervals. Its high quality paper prevents ink from bleeding over into the next page.

Monthly Planner Currently Open to Show Month of August

Filofax Monthly Planner

This efficient planner has a soft touch cover, and is held together with twin-binding. This ensures that no pages will ever come loose.

Appointment Book Open to Last Days of December, Closed Version in the Back

House of Doolittle Daily Appointment Book

This planner’s small size makes it a great carry-on item. Each day inside the book has dedicated 15-minute intervals, making it easy for you to create reminders for upcoming meetings. A three-year reference page lets you plan for the future.

Closed Appointment Book, Showing Fashionable, Flowery Design on the Front

At-A-Glance Lacey Professional Weekly/Monthly Appointment Book

With this fashionable planner, you can make a statement when you go into work. Months are spread across two pages each, making it difficult for you to miss important deadlines that are coming up. It also includes ruled blocks that allow for easy notetaking.

The Best Calendars for 2020

Monthly Calendar Currently Displaying Days for January 2020

Blueline DuraGlobe Monthly Desk Calendar

This desk calendar was produced with bagasse, a natural sugarcane substance. A ruled block is set for each day of the year, so you can make reminders for upcoming deadlines.

Wall Calendar Displaying January 2020, With Other Months on the Bottom

At-A-Glance Monthly Wall Calendar

A one month view calendar you can hang on the wall, allowing you to make space on your desk. Ruled daily blocks allow you so make reminders for meetings and deadlines. Holidays are marked in red, making it difficult to miss them.

Refillable Desk Calendar Currently Displaying January 2020

House of Doolittle Recycled & Refillable Monthly Desk Calendar

Keep your monthly reminders nicely organized with this contemporary desk calendar. After you run out of paper, you can get a refill so you don’t have to replace it outright.

Erasable Wall Planner, With Both Vertical & Horizontal Displays Showing

At-A-Glance Erasable Vertical/Horizontal Wall Planner

This wall calendar is reversible, so you can set it to be vertical or horizontal, depending on your preferences. The material it’s made with allows for easy use of erasable markers. If you make a small error in your reminders, you can adjust them with no hassles.

ProfTech offers a wide selection of calendars and planners you can use for the New Year. Be sure to look at our complete collection.

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