Breakroom Necessities: What You Should Stock

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More and more, studies show that workers who take a lunch break everyday score higher on a wide range of workplace benchmarks, including job satisfaction, competency and productivity. Not only that, but a well-stocked breakroom is enticing to employees, both current and prospective. Keep reading to learn more about how to keep your breakroom stocked, clean, and organized for improved employee output.  

From snacks to cold brew, from microwaves to toaster ovens, from paper towels to vacuums, we’ll break down what you’ll need to keep the breakroom ready for everyone. We’ll start with what many people consider the most important: Coffee.  

Office Coffee Service 

Cup of coffee on desk

When it comes to what you need in the breakroom, the most important thing to almost every employee is coffee. A cup of coffee or a cold brew can make all the difference in terms of focus. Having a wide variety of options available means that employees won’t have to leave the office to get their favorite cup of joe. It can also reduce lost time at work, as the average coffee run can take up to twenty minutes. Having an office coffee service can help those twenty minutes once or twice a day turn into a two-minute walk to and from the breakroom.  


Bags of chips and snacks

Maybe it doesn’t need to be said, but food is essential. No one wants a hungry employee! Have ample options on hand for a 3 p.m. snack. Whether it be fresh fruit, nuts, frozen meals, snack boxes, yogurts, or anything in between, ensure your employees have what they need for lunch, or a mid-day pick me up.

Waters and Sodas 

Bottles of water

Keep your employees hydrated with a cool, clean water service provided by ProfTech. If you have employees that prefer sparkling waters, be sure to add a mixed pack to your next order. And don’t forget about juices and sports drinks to ensure everyone has what they want and/or need.  


Breakroom space

Keeping your breakroom stocked is one thing, but what will people use to make that delicious cup of coffee? How will they heat up their lunch? Did they bring utensils from home? Make sure you’ve got the best coffee machine for your space so that everyone can achieve optimal performance. Maybe a microwave and/or toaster oven so that everyone can enjoy a hot meal at lunch. Provide either reusable or disposable eco-friendly utensils to your staff.  

Cleaning Supplies 

Cleaning supplies on a table

Once your staff has been able to make a cup of coffee, heat up a lunch, and fill their water bottle, you’ll want to make sure they’re able to clean up after themselves. There are a few things to keep on hand that will make for an easy cleanup.  

  • Paper Towels 
  • Disinfecting Wipes 
  • Trash Can and Liners 
  • Recycling Bins and Liners 
  • Soaps and Sponges 

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