Mobile Boards: Post-Covid Brainstorm & Organization Essentials

Mobile Boards: Post-Covid Brainstorm & Organization Essentials

Mobile Boards: Organization & Collaboration From The Office To Remote Worker

From the corporate office to the home setup, whiteboards are an invaluable piece to the modern professional. Once employees are back into the groove of going to the office again, they’ll need these to regroup and make their new battle plans after Covid-19.

But they’re not just good for brainstorming: they help organize thoughts, keep track of tasks & due dates, and so much more. What makes a board even more beneficial to the user(s) is the ability to maneuver it to different locations or store it away.

Not all mobile boards are made equal. Many have different features that serve different purposes and individual needs. Check out our curated selection below to find the best one for you and your team.

1. The Classic Edition

Total Erase Reversible Mobile Easel
72 x 48
White Surface, Neutral Frame

Item Number: QRT3640TE

Best For: Corporate offices, Teachers


  • Mobile
  • Reversible
  • Adjustable angle
  • Flip chart holder
  • Subtle grid pattern on board
Total Erase Reversible Mobile Easel, 72 x 48, White Surface, Neutral Frame with “2 times the writing space” written on it

2. The Organization & Brainstorming Facilitator

Magnetic Reversible Mobile Easel
70 4/ 5w x 47 1/ 5h, 80″h
White/ Silver

Item Number: BVCQR5507

Best For: Corporate offices, Teachers


  • Mobile
  • Reversible
  • Adjustable tray
  • Magnetic steel surface on both sides
  • Dry erase marker compatible
  • Removable hooks
Magnetic Reversible Mobile Easel, 70 4/ 5w x 47 1/ 5h, 80"h, White/ Silver with graphics of features.

3. The Interactive Corporate & Classroom Companion

Interactive Board Mobile Stand With Projector Arm
76w x 26d x 80h

Item Number: BVCBI350420

Best For: Classrooms, Corporate presentations


  • Mobile
  • 4 heavy-duty locking castors
  • Height adjustable
  • Projector plate included

4. The Compact Choice

Mobile Partition Board LG, 38 3/ 10″ x 70 4/ 5″
White, Aluminum Frame

Item Number: PLS912MPBLG

Best For: Home offices, Small conference rooms


  • Mobile
  • Easily stored away
  • Double-sided
  • Partition to divide personal notes & meetings
  • MTG Sync App allows for saving information to your device
Mobile Partition Board LG, 38 3/ 10" x 70 4/ 5", White, Aluminum Frame

BONUS: Boogie Board™ to Go

Jot Memo Pad eWriter, 8.5″ Screen,

Item Number: IMVJ31020001

Best For: Commuters, Traveling professionals


  • Portable
  • Eliminates the need for paper
  • Engineered to feel like pen & paper
  • Lightweight
  • No charging necessary
  • Lithium coin battery operated
  • Stylus included
Boogie Board™ Jot Memo Pad eWriter, 8.5" Screen, Gray with stylus

Here at ProfTech, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that reopening businesses have all the Covid Essentials they need to return to work safely and smoothly. We know this involves a lot of moving parts and can be confusing. Don’t worry! We’re here to help. When you request a Covid Essentials Plan, we’ll customize a strategy that meets your businesses needs. We’re talking everything from mobile boards to personal protection equipment (PPE).

Are you ready for the best reopening after Covid-19?