Pump Up The Spirit: Useful Promo Products For Schools Of All Levels

Pump Up The Spirit: Useful Promo Products For Schools Of All Levels

Whether you’re a university looking to recruit top talent for the new freshman class or a high school trying to boost school spirit, promo items are the way to go! As the #1 most effective form of advertising across generations, custom printed products are the ultimate way to gain support from both students and parents alike. 

Why Promo Products Work

82% of people
have a more favorable opinion of an organization that gives them a promo item.

TRANSLATION: People like schools and companies that give them free stuff.

53% of people
use promo items at least once per week.

TRANSLATION: The more a person uses a product, the more they’ll see your brand and feel connected to it.

77% of people
keep a promo item because it’s useful.

TRANSLATION: Useful free things are the best free things.

Free Apparel Always Gets Noticed

Clothing and apparel are among the best promo products your school can hand out. Apparel generated the most impressions because when students or faculty members wear an item, everyone walking by sees it. This is the silent endorsement that amps up the school spirit and support! 

man wearing promotional shirt

T-shirts make excellent promotional items because when a person wears it, others believe that your brand is being endorsed. When students wear a branded t-shirt both on premises and off campus, they are promoting school spirit and camaraderie with their fellow classmates. 

promo beanies in various colors

Beanie hats are a more subtle way to promote your school, and yet they are often more appreciated than a common t-shirt. This is a promo product to increase favorability and keep students warm at fall football games.

promo reusable burlap grocery bag

Even when students cover their school shirt with a jacket, a branded bag will still show off your brand. This is why promo bags are highly effective and make the most impressions. Your students will be grateful for this item when they have to bring home extra books for an exam or have to stow away a jacket when it gets too warm at a spring soccer game. (BONUS: they’re eco-friendly!)

Useful [Free] Stuff Is Always A Crowd Favorite

People wear free apparel because it’s just that—free. For your school, it’ll get the message across, but most users don’t get too attached to the product. Useful and novel items, on the other hand, often do. When you give people something that is free and interesting, they are more likely to use it, brag about it, and attach a positive impression to the school for providing the item. Your useful promo items should address the challenges students of today face: 

  1. The constant need for supplies and class preparation 
  2. The integration of technology into education 
  3. The absolute need to stay organized while juggling class, extra curricular activates, and other events. 
promo pens in various colors

If there’s one thing students will always need, it’s a pen. One of the most cost-effective and useful promo products, these are sure to make a positive impression on your students.

promo USB bracelets

Technology has become part of the classroom. More and more students are giving presentations that they have to bring to class on a flash drive. USB bracelets, not only have a novelty appeal, but they are useful—No lost homework with these on hand (literally)! Students and teachers alike will thank the school for these promo items. 

promo chalkboard calendar

Students love to be creative. Teachers love an organized classroom. Get the best of both with branded chalkboard calendars! These will help everyone to stay organized during the school year and offer an opportunity to personalize tasks. When novelty meets function, you have promo for the win! 

These are just some of the great promo items you can use for your school. Here at ProfTech we have thousands of items and our site makes it easy to find the best ones for your purposes. Our fast production and delivery time means you can have all the promo products you need for any upcoming event. 

It’s time to pump up the school spirit! 

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