Top 5 Reasons To Buy Local: Benefits For The Community & Your Business

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Local 

Hudson River Valley in the Autumn with colorful trees

Big name brands may tout the best and the most convenient, but they are sorely lacking in many aspects where local businesses thrive. These points don’t just come down to price—they directly impact your local community in a positive way. Whether you are looking to purchase food, clothing or even office supplies, buying local from any industry has the following five (5) impacts: 

1. Buying Local In Westchester County & Other Areas Of Upstate NY Reduces Environmental Impact  

Businesses that provide products and services to their community travel shorter distances to make the deliveries and installations. By cutting down on transportation, less greenhouse gases, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and many other poisonous pollutants are emitted into the air we breathe. On the other hand, large-scale companies and name brands often commute for many hours each day, increasing the toxicity in the atmosphere. Plus, local businesses have more incentive to recycle to keep their community’s land and water systems clean. As a treasure of New York, it is in the interest of all those who call the Empire State home to preserve the Hudson and it’s surrounding land. 

2. Buying Local Keeps Your Suburban New York Community Unique

The most interesting and desirable places to live are those that have a variety of shops and restaurants, not just residential areas or Manhattan. The unfortunate truth is that far too often large corporations take the business away from those who would open such stores. When this happens, a community not only loses its charm, but it also loses the convenience of having options close by, and driving to get basic items is just as bad for the environment as the delivery trucks and company cars used by outside businesses. In addition to that, communities that have a large minority demographic are represented and understood in the face of corporate whitewashing. 

Here at ProfTech, we are a minority-owned business that empowers the people of our local community. 

3. Buying Local Is Better For Small Town Economies In Upstate NY 

When you buy from a local provider in a place like Rockland , money is kept within your own community. When you give your hard earned cash to large online and chain providers it goes straight into the banks of the corporations and you’ll never see that money again. On the other hand, when you give your business to local stores and vendors, that money is returned to the community:  

  • Streets are cleaned. 
  • Roads are repaired. 
  • Parks are maintained. 
  • Local law enforcement is given the tools they need to better serve the community. 
  • Local art programs are supported. 
  • Jobs & careers are made available
  • It may even return directly to your pocket as a fellow business owner! 

In short, let others give their hard earned cash to monopolizing businesses in Manhattan that should stay in such metropolises.  

4. When You Buy From A Local Westchester County Business You Get Better Service 

Local businesses live and work within the same community as their customers and clients, giving them a much better understanding of your needs than any large corporation ever could. As friends and neighbors, they understand the local geography, demographic, and culture of their community & residents. This gives them the ability to understand both an individual’s and a business’s unique needs and serve them with care and accuracy, as no online or chain retailer could.   

5.When You Buy From Businesses Local To Your Upstate NY Town You Have Better Selection 

Because locally owned businesses understand their community, they understand the needs of a community and can therefore provide a more relevant selection of products and services. In short, they are community focused.

  • Tree nurseries will have saplings that can thrive in your zone. 
  • Restaurants & clothing stores will have options that cater to the socio-economic demographic 
  • Office supplies vendors, like ProfTech, will have exactly what your business needs every single time you need it.  

ProfTech is your local office & facility procurement partner serving New York, Northern New Jersey and Connecticut. If your business is in these areas, discover how ProfTech makes the ultimate local difference!

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