Maintaining A Safe Workplace Environment in 2021 and Beyond

A Safe Workplace Environment is Essential

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Maintaining a safe workplace environment is essential for your business. Under Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act of 1970, employers have the responsibility to provide a safe and healthful workplace that is free from serious, recognized hazards. What constitutes a safe environment has continued to evolve, from PPE to electrostatic sprayers there are so many aspects to keep in mind to ensure your workplace environment is safe! Here are just a few top ideas to keep in mind as you are creating a safe workplace environment for your organization. 

Your Open Concept Office May Need Alterations 

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Open concept offices have been the trend, and that doesn’t look to be changing. However, these designs do need to be flexible and easily reconfigured to work with the times. Personal protection barriers are particularly helpful for shared desk spaces, while privacy panels also provide options for creating individual workspaces. Let our furniture specialists work with you to reconfigure your workspace into a space that works for your employees.  

Sanitizing Your Hands & Building is Key

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While soap and sanitizer dispensers have been around for some time, the need for them has steadily increased. Cold & flu season is NOT the only time to stock up on sanitizer—it is now something that your employees will expect to have year-round. In addition to sanitizing your hands, disinfecting the workplace regularly is also an important practice. Ensure your company has a cleaning routine for all areas of the office—from desks to bathrooms to breakrooms! If you are looking to save both time and money disinfecting your space, be sure to check out electrostatic sprayers, they are one of our favorite items of the past year. 

PPE–More Than Just Masks

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While many associate PPE with masks and sanitizers for the pandemic, that is not the only type of PPE there is in the workplace. PPE, or personal protective equipment, covers a range of items such as protective clothing, gloves, helmets and goggles that are meant to protect the body from injury.  

ProfTech has it all—from individual kits you can give out to each employee to goggles and helmets for industries such as manufacturing and construction. It is imperative that you make sure you are following all OSHA standards for your industry. If PPE is being used, a PPE training needs to be implemented to address the hazards present, the type of PPE needed, and both maintenance and use of the PPE to ensure effectiveness. 

Safety Procedures & Reporting Should Be Audited Regularly

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Many times, office managers get complacent. “It was safe before; it is still safe now” is a mentality that can get organizations into trouble. Check out the Proftech Office Safety and Supplies Checklist for a quick and easy way to audit your workplace and determine what needs to be updated. In addition, you should have a known and easy-to-navigate line of communication with your employees regarding the safety measures implemented for their protection.  

Ensure that you have a reporting procedure for employees to report any unsafe work conditions they may experience. Each year, ask a few random employees (old & new) about safety measures, as well as reporting procedures and evaluate their response to determine if you have adequate procedures and training in place. 

Having a safer place of work is essential in today’s world. ProfTech is here to ensure Offices across New York and New Jersey are stocked with the supplies needed to maintain safe workplace environments. We value our community businesses and will continue to do our part in keeping your workplaces safe. 

Looking to put together a plan specific to your facility? If you’re within Connecticut, New York or Northern New Jersey, Contact an Account Specialist Today.


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