6 Summer Outings In Westchester County For Family & Cultural Fun

6 Summer Outings In Westchester County

1. Go On A Swashbuckling Adventure

Two Pirates on the Hudson Tour

Move aside Captain Jack Sparrow and prepare for the greatest pirate story never told! Pirates On The Hudson is a swashbuckling adventure of fun for the entire family. Children interact with the story and set sail on the high seas. What dangers will you encounter and what treasures lie hidden and ready for the taking? An afternoon with the pirates in Tarrytown is an afternoon you’ll never forget!

2. See Shakespeare Out In The Summer Sun

Shakespeare's Hamlet Holding Skull

Be moved and spellbound when you attend the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. The timeless plays by the world’s greatest playwright are given new life on an outdoor stage this summer. Bask in the warmth while some of New York’s finest actors plot, love, murder and conquer on the stage. This is a cultural event for all ages and its casual setting makes it an ideal way to spend an afternoon.

3. Have Classic Fair Fun

Dutchess County Fair Sign

The second largest fair in New York State, The Dutchess County Fair is a true American classic right down to the horseshows and caramel apples. Whether your daughter wants to see the animals, your son wants to play the games or your husband wants to chow down on real country treats, there is something for everyone at this ultimate family-fun fair.

4. See Beautiful Butterflies

Butterfly on Flower

Get close to nature at the Greenburgh Nature Center. Animals are a favorite for children, but it’s the butterflies that make this place truly magical. Feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy’s forest when these delicate beings surround you and your family. An afternoon at the Greenburgh Nature Center is one filled with both education and wonder.

5. Rock Out At An Environmental & Music Festival

Clearwater Environmental and Music Festival

The Clearwater Festival: The Great Hudson River Revival is a must for anyone who loves music and wants to make this world a better place. Casual and outdoors, this festival is ideal for a summer day when the breeze comes off the water. Meet like-minded people and enjoy some of the best musical talent from around the country.

6. Take To New Heights

Hot Air Balloons

The Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival is one of the most amazing spectacles to happen in the summer. Hot-air balloons in countless numbers fill the sky with bright colors, and you can even go up in one! Perfect for all ages, this is a magical event that amazes children and adults alike.

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